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Microsoft® JScript
JScript Alphabetical Keyword Listing
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abs method
acos method
Addition ( + ) operator
anchor method
Array object
asin method
Assignment ( = ) operator
atan method
big method
Bitwise AND ( & ) operator
Bitwise NOT ( ~ ) operator
Bitwise OR ( | ) operator
Bitwise Shift Left ( << ) operator
Bitwise Shift Right ( >> ) operator
Bitwise XOR ( ^ ) operator
blink method
bold method
break statement
ceil method
charAt method
Comma ( , ) operator
// (single line comment statement)
/*..*/ (multiple line comment statement)
Compound Assignment Operators
Conditional (trinary) ( ?: ) operator
continue statement
cos method
Date object
Decrement ( -- ) operator
Division ( / ) operator
E property
Equality ( == ) operator
escape function
eval function
exp method
fixed method
floor method
fontcolor method
fontsize method
for statement statement
function statement
getDate method
getDay method
getHours method
getMinutes method
getMonth method
getSeconds method
getTime method
getTimezoneOffset method
getYear method
Greater than ( > ) operator
Greater than or equal to ( >= ) operator
if...else statement
Increment ( ++ ) operator
indexOf method
Inequality ( != ) operator
isNaN function
italics method
join method
lastIndexOf method
length property (Array)
length property (String)
Less than ( < ) operator
Less than or equal to ( <= ) operator
link method
LN2 property
LN10 property
log method
LOG2E property
LOG10E property
Logical AND ( && ) operator
Logical NOT ( ! ) operator
Logical OR ( || ) operator
Math object
max method
min method
Modulo arithmetic ( % ) operator
Multiplication ( * ) operator
new statement
parse method
parseInt function
parseFloat function
PI property
pow method
random method
return statement
reverse method
round method
setDate method
setHours method
setMinutes method
setMonth method
setSeconds method
setTime method
setYear method
sin method
small method
sort method
sqrt method
SQRT1_2 property
SQRT2 property
strike method
String object
sub method
substring method
Subtraction ( - ) operator
sup method
tan method
this statement
toGMTString method
toLocaleString method
toLowerCase method
toUpperCase method
Unary negation ( - ) operator
unescape function
Unsigned Shift Right ( >>> ) operator
UTC method
var statement
while statement
with statement

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