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Object Reference
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ActiveXObject Object Enables and returns a reference to an Automation object.
Array Object Provides support for creation of arrays of any data type.
arguments Object An object representing the arguments to the currently executing function, and the functions that called it.
Boolean Object Creates a new Boolean value.
Date Object Enables basic storage and retrieval of dates and times.
Debug Object An intrinsic object that can send output to a script debugger.
Enumerator Object Enables enumeration of items in a collection.
Error Object An object that contains information about errors that occur while JScript code is running.
Function Object Creates a new function.
Global Object An intrinsic object whose purpose is to collect global methods into one object.
Math Object A intrinsic object that provides basic mathematics functionality and constants.
Number Object An object representation of the number data type and placeholder for numeric constants.
Object Object Provides functionality common to all JScript objects.
RegExp Object Stores information on regular expression pattern searches.
Regular Expression Object Contains a regular expression pattern.
String Object Allows manipulation and formatting of text strings and determination and location of substrings within strings.
VBArray Object Provides access to Visual Basic safe arrays.
The following are available when jScript is used in the .ASP environment
Application Object Stores information related to the entire Web application, including variables and objects that exist for the lifetime of the application.
ASPError Object Stores information about an error condition.
ObjectContext Object A wrapper for the COM+ ObjectContext object, which provides methods used for transaction processing.
Request Object Stores information related to the HTTP request. This includes forms, cookies, server variables, and certificate data.
Response Object Stores information related to the server's response. This includes displaying content, manipulating headers, setting locales, and redirecting requests.
Server Object Provides methods for various server tasks. With these methods you can execute code, get error conditions, encode text strings, create objects for use by the Web page, and map physical paths.
Session Object Stores information related to the user's session, including variables and objects that exist for the lifetime of the session.


Note that the collections returned by Request.Form and some other object properties are not enumerable under JScript. Use the Enumerate object in JScript 3.0 and above.

//for (objField in Request.form()) { 
	//Never finds anything. Request.form has no ability to enumerate.
//for (var i=1; i <= Request.form().Count; i++) {
//	objField = Request.form(i) 
	//This returns the VALUE. No way to get the NAME of the field,
//	objField = Request.form.i;	
	// Nope, .i is undefined in Request.form
//for (objField in Request.form.split("&")) {	
	//Error. typeof(Request.form) is object, not string and no toString() method.
for (var f = new Enumerator(Request.form);!f.atEnd();f.moveNext()) {		
	//Ahh... The enumerator object can move through the elements in a collection.
	objField = f.item();

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