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Sending the ASCII Escape in Known Environments

The ASCII escape character, which starts all PCL commands, ESC commands (Epson printers), ., is not a printable symbol and so it is represented by different combinations of characters in different environments. Here are some known versions.

Known Environments

Environment Code (keystrokes required to enter the escape character) Example to enable form 100 for overlay on all pages.
Operating Systems
MS Windows NT (via font PCM files) Click on the link to the left for complete details.
Windows NT (via seperator page)
MS KB Q131714
Copy the code on the right into a file called PCL.SEP on the local hard drive then From the Printer menu, choose Properties. Choose Details. Type the path to the separator file in the Separator File text box. Choose OK, and then choose OK again. \
DOS EDIT -P -[ ¬ &f100Y¬ &f4X
UNIX VI -P -[ ^[&f100Y^[&f4X
Unix Print Driver Click on the link to the left for complete details.
WORD for DOS Hold down Alt, type 27 on the numeric keypad, release Alt ¬ &f100Y¬ &f4X
Word for Windows Click on the link to the left for complete details.
Visual Basic Const PASSTHROUGH = 19

Result = Escape(printer.hdc, PASSTHROUGH, 0, Chr(27), 0&)


Result = Escape(printer.hdc, PASSTHROUGH, 0, Chr(27)+"&f100y4X", 0&)

DOS BASIC CHR(27) LPRINT CHR(27) + "&f100Y" + CHR(27) + "&f4X"
TeleMagic, Foxpro, clipper, dBase, HPMS 1 & 2, Fedelio (dos versions) chr(27) ?? chr(27)+'&f100Y'+chr(27)+'&f4X'
Business Basic (CLS, MAS-90) 'ES'
OPEN (1)"LP"
PRINT (1)'ES',"&f101Y",'ES',"&f4X"
Platinum Accounting


\27 (insert in a new Printer Control File at the start of the setup string. Refer to Appendix C of the Platinum System Operators Guide) Setup \27 \38 \102 \49 \48 \48 \89 \27 \38 \102 \52 \88 (remander of existing setup string)
Twinax converters    
GENICOM &%1B; &%1B;&f100Y&%1B;&f4X
PRAIM &%1B&% &%1B&%&f100Y&%1B&%&f4X


Ø E&f100YØ E&f4X


ACOM Ø E Ø E&f100YØ E&f4X
PC Support

IBM Terminals

Work Station Controller


Work Station Function

Work Station Emulation

MOVE X '03011B' ESC

(ensure that the Unprintable Character action 'Replace character' option is disabled in the print override file.)




Andrew Card
IBM 3776 WorkStation &%1B&%

(Set the Control field of the System Printer Control Screen to Extensions, Feature to ASCII Pass Thru, ASCII Pass Thru to On and Pass Thru Delimeter to &%)


(see the listing on page *)

IDEAComm IDEALink &%1B&%

(Ensure the "hex data delimiter" is set to &% in the configuration)


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