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The 2000 member MIT PICList now hosts discussions on the Ubicom SX chips!

Q : How do I join / use the PICList?

A : Step by step:

You may not see your message echoed on the PIClist, and it may take more than a day before anyone responds since most people only read their PICList mail once a day and they are all over the world. If no one responds after a few days, read the rest of this page,  and Myke Predko's general list guidelines at www.piclist.com/../listguide,  rethink your post and add a "Nobody responded to my last post, what am I doing wrong?" to the beginning and send it again.

If you decide to leave, you may unsubscribe at the PICList Mailman page

Q: What are these [SX] and [OT] things in the subject lines? What are Topics?

The PICList uses topics and topic filtering to try to allow a greater range of discussion while still respecting the fact that many hardcore engineers, who are valuable resources to the list, may have little time to read off topic posts and need a reliable way to filter them out so that they can spend what time they have concentrating on the topic they are most interested in. Despite our name, the PICList also hosts discussions related to other embedded controllers.

Topic tags must be at the start of the subject line and enclosed in brackets "[" and "]". For example, the current topics are:

[PIC] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?Subject=[PIC]
Which should be at the start of the subject line for most postings to the PICList. This says that a PIC microcontroller (or clone like the SX line) is directly involved, connected or the entire subject of your post. Any person who works with PICs would want to read it...
[SX] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?Subject=[SX]
Items specific to the Scenix/Ubicom/Parallax SX microcontrollers
[AVR] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?subject=[AVR]
Items specific to the Atmel AVR microcontrollers
[EE] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?subject=[EE]
Items which have little connection to PICs, but may be of interest to embedded engineers.
[OT] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?subject=[OT]
Items which have little or no conection to the PICLIST, but are asked by its members anyway.
[BUY] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?subject=[BUY]
People looking for parts, equipment, or consultants should use this topic.
[AD] - mailto:piclistspam at spammit.edu?subject=[AD]
This is for advertisements of a commercial product or service. Don't SPAM, do post [AD]

If you don't use one of these, other people will not see your posts. People who are interested only in the PIC itself listen to [SX], people who are also interested in general engineering issues still listen to [SX] and also listen to [EE] and people who are also interested in anything PICListers have to say also listen to [OT]. People who are interested in buying or selling also listen to [BUY] and [AD].

So: Please pick ONE that matches the subject of your post and type it at the start of the subject line and then continue. Putting a topic tag in, filters the post IN to that topic rather than filtering it OUT of the other topics. Ok? Let me say that again...

Putting a topic tag in, filters the post IN to that topic.

The point of this is that it will reduce the likelihood of people posting comments about the space program with [SX] at the start of the subject line. It also breaks up the PICList in to "Channels" where each topic can be turned on or off with a command to the list server. If you are very busy, then you can only turn on the [SX] channel and turn the others off. Just tell the list server to only send [SX] topics by changing your Mailman options at the PICList Mailman page.


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