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Spartan Series FPGAs 

The Spartan Series of FPGAs is the best high volume FPGA solution for ASIC replacement. Derived from the highly successful XC4000 architecture and spanning up to 40,000 system gates, the Spartan Series combines high performance, on-chip RAM, software cores, and low prices. The Spartan Series is the first FPGA that meets all the key requirements of ASIC designs for high volume production, and delivers unmatched benefits over competing PLDs. 

Family Highlights 


  • First ASIC replacement FPGA with on-chip RAM 
  • First ASIC replacement FPGA with high performance 
  • Industry's lowest price FPGA 
  • Advanced process technology for lowest die cost 
  • Total cost management for lowest overall cost 
  • No compromises: Performance, Price, Core solutions and on-chip RAM 

Effective ASIC Replacement 

FPGA benefits of fast time to market with: 

  • High Performance - over 80 MHz system speeds 
  • On-chip memory with dual-port, synchronous SelectRAM memory 
  • Extensive and verified cores with AllianceCORE and LogiCORE products 
  • Comprehensive software support - supported in Alliance and Foundation 1.4 and 1.5 releases 
  • Low prices: $2.95 high volume price for SpartanXL device

Total Cost Management 
The Spartan Series FPGAs from the outset have been designed and produced to achieve lowest total cost to meet an important need of high volume products. This comprehensive effort in total cost management includes: 

  • Leading edge process technology: die size parity with gate arrays 
  • Streamlined feature set 
  • Focused product and package offering 
  • Simplified speed file methodology 
  • Reduction in assembly, test and overhead expenses 
  • Low power design that permits Spartan devices in inexpensive plastic packages. 

Advantages Over Competing PLDs 

  • Performance. Benchmark designs show the Spartan Series to be at least 10% faster than competing FPGAs. 
  • On-chip SelectRAM memory. The Spartan architecture's dual-port, synchronous RAM feature delivers over twice the performance of FPGAs with only single-port RAM capabilities. 
  • Broad product offering. The Spartan Series offers 32 device-package combinations covering 3.3 and 5 volts. 
  • Footprint compatibility. Under 2000 logic cells, competing vendors offer at most two devices per package, limiting migration to higher densities while keeping the same footprint. 
  • Lower power. Spartan devices consume half the power of competing FPGA devices. 
  • Lower price. $2.95 for SpartanXL device. 

Distributed High-Performance SelectRAM Memory  

SelectRAM Flexibility 

  • Build as many high-performance RAM blocks as needed 
  • Each block can be cascaded to any width and depth 
  • Placed at any desired location within the FPGA 
  • Ideal for functions such as FIFOs, DSP filters, accumulators, and scratch-pad memories 


System Gates* 2K-5K 3K-10K 7K-20K 10K-30K 13K-40K
Logic Cells** 238 466 950 1,368 1,862
Max Logic Gates 3,000 5,000 10,000 13,000 20,000
Flip-Flops 360 616 1,120 1,536 2,016
Max RAM bits 3,200 6,272 12,800 18,432 25,088
Max Available I/O 77 112 160 192 205
Packages PC84 PC84      
  VQ100 VQ100 VQ100 VQ100  
    TQ144 TQ144 TQ144  
      PQ208 PQ208 PQ208
        PQ240 PQ240
        BG256 BG256
*20-30% of CLBs as RAM  
** 1 Logic Cell = 4-input Look-Up Table + Flip-Flop 

More Information 

ASIC Replacement FPGAs 
Spartan Series FPGAs Data Sheet 
Spartan SPROMs Data Sheet 
Application Notes 
CORE Solutions 
Hard Copy Literature Request 
Using Three-State Enable Registers in XLA, XV, and SpartanXL FPGAs.

Press Releases 

Device Files 


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