3 phase gokart

A 3-phase induction motor powered go-kart using 2 avrs with PWM connected to igbt drivers to drive the motor and a another avr in a ps2 controller with a uhf transmitter for remote control.

It is a three part project,
-One board for control of the pwm outputs connected to high current igbt switches with voltage, current and speed sense.
-Second board for general control with LCD screen, dual pwm power supplies and a pwm charging circuit, twi or uart transmission to igbt controller, connections for pedals and rs232 interface, and an onboard uhf receiver
-Third board is drop-in replacement for playstation dual-shock controller for remote control using all controller buttons and potentiometer joysticks.

The project can use simple software algorithms to implement a sine wave on the pwms for simple control, or an intensive software program (that I am currently writing) can be used to greatly enhance the available speed, torque and control.