PIC / Servo Useless Box

by Jody Wiseman

This is a box with a switch... when you flip the switch on, a finger comes out of the box and flips the switch back off. Useless, but a great learning project for PIC's and servos with a fun result. The PIC used is a 10F206 and any common hobby servo should be fine.




SWITCH_UIT_ZETTEN means "switch off" and TERUG_BAKKIE_IN means (roughly) "back in the box". So the input switch B0 just causes one or the other of the two subroutines to be called. If the switch is on, the servo is run to one position, if it's off, the servo is run back to another. When the finger is being retracted, the servo position is held for a little while, then the servo power is shut off and the processor goes to sleep to save power. Servo power is controlled with a FET and the servo signal is amplified with a small transistor.