VS1002 eval board

by Ryan Pelaez.

for the Olimex sponsored PCB contest

This is an evaluation board for the VS1002 MP3 Decoder. It has all the external parts to operate. This "breakout" board pulls all the communication lines out to 0.1 spacing to use on a breadboard or protoboards. Have fun on all of your MP3 projects. :>


1 -----GND 
2 -----SI 
3 -----SCKL	 
4 -----XCS 
5 -----XRESET	 
6 -----XDCS/BSYNC	 
7 -----D-REQ 
8 -----SO	 
9 -----TX 
10 ---RX 
11 ---VCC 
12 ---GBUF		 
13 ---RIGHT 
14 ---LEFT 
15 ---MICP 
16 ---MICN 
18 ---GPIO1 
19 ---GPIO2 
20 ---GPIO3

Gerbers ZIP archive.



Note: After Ryan's submission the entry rules have been tightened a bit so that a PIC or related microcontroller must be included.