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APPEND d:path[;[d:]path...] [/parm]    Locates files outside current directory
 Parms Function
 ----- -------------------------------------------------------------------
 /X    Processes SEARCH FIRST,FIND FIRST, and EXEC functions. Must issue APPEND
       before using BACKUP or RESTORE.
 /E    Keeps APPEND paths in the DOS environment

APPEND + Locating Application Files

     Searches a specified path to locate files outside of the 
current directory that have extensions other than .COM, .EXE, or 


          PC-DOS 3.3




     To load:

	  [d:][path] APPEND sd:spath [;[sd:]spath . . .]


	  [d:][path] APPEND [E]

     After loading:

	  APPEND sd:spath [;[sd:]spath . . .]




	  [d:][path]	 Specifies the drive letter and path that
                         contain the APPEND command.
	  sd:spath	 Specifies the drive letter and path to
                         search. Paths cannot be specified the 
                         first time the APPEND command is invoked 
                         if either the /X or /E parameter is 
          ;              Separates APPEND paths; without another 
                         parameter, cancels the APPEND list.
          /X             Processes functions that require file 
                         searches (such as COMP) or DOS commands.
          /E             Searches the DOS environment each time 
                         the command is issued. Specifically, /E 
                         causes the APPEND path to be stored in 
                         the environment, and searched for there.

     APPEND allows you to store application programs on a hard 
disk so that you can run them without changing to the directory 
that contains them. APPEND is useful with programs that need to 
find overlays, such as help files. Otherwise, the PATH command 



loads APPEND, specifying that the environment be searched for the 
APPEND string each time APPEND is used (for example, to see if it 
has been changed with the SET command) and that file-searching 
and executive functions operate. After APPEND is loaded, the 


specifies that all programs stored in the directory named PROGS 
can be used as if they were in the current directory. 


	  APPEND already installed

The APPEND command is already internal. Issue the command without 
a path name preceding it so that the internal version will be 

	  APPEND / ASSIGN conflict

The APPEND command must be loaded before you load ASSIGN.

	  APPEND / TopView conflict

TopView must be loaded after APPEND. Exit from TopView and reload 
APPEND before attempting to reenter TopView.

	  Incorrect APPEND version

You are using a version of APPEND that does not match the version 
you first loaded. Check your PATH setting and change the path to 
locate the correct APPEND version.

	  Invalid path or file name

You specified a name that does not exist. Check the name and try 

	  Invalid path or parameter

You specified a path name as well as the /X andE options. 
The /X and /E options can only be specified the first time you 
use APPEND and cannot be used with a path name.

	  No Append

APPEND is not currently in effect; it was previously issued with 
; as the append path.


     Issue the command


to cancel the APPEND list.


     APPEND must be loaded before you load any application 
programs that you wish to use without changing directories. Once 
APPEND has been loaded, it becomes an internal command, and you 
do not have to enter a path before the APPEND command. The /X and 
/E options can be used only the first time you use APPEND. If you 
are not specifying the /X or /E options, you may specify the 
APPEND search path at the same time that you load APPEND. Do not 
use the /E option if you have loaded a second command processor. 
Also, /X is not recommended for use with BACKUP and can give 
misleading results with DIR and TREE. If you have loaded APPEND 
with the /X option, you must reset the APPEND path by using the ; 
option before using BACKUP and RESTORE. You can append as many 
directories as can be specified within 128 characters. The 
directory you specify in the search path is searched first, 
followed by the rest of the specified directories. If you do not 
specify a directory, the current directory is searched. Appended 
directories may be local or remote.


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          PATH Command
          RESTORE Command
          SET Command
          TREE Command

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