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DISKCOMP + Comparing Disks

Compares disks.


PC-DOS 2.0+ (revised from 1.1)

MS-DOS equivalent: DISKCOMP (2.0+)




[d:][path] DISKCOMP [sd: [td:]] [8]


[d:][path] Specifies the drive letter and path that

contain the DISKCOMP command file.

[sd:] Specifies the source drive letter.

[sd:] Specifies the target drive letter.

/1 Compares only the first side of a two-

sided disk.

/8 Specifies that only eight sectors per

track are to be compared.

DISKCOMP is used to verify the readability of a disk,

usually after a DISKCOPY operation.



compares the disk in drive A with the disk in drive B.


compares the disk in drive A to another disk that you will be

prompted to insert in drive A.


Compare error(s) on new line

Track xx, side yy

There is a discrepancy between the two compared disks on the

track and side indicated.

Compare more diskettes (Y/N)?

Enter Y to compare another set of disks; otherwise, enter N.

Comparing x sectors per track, n side(s)

This message indicates whether one or two sides are being

compared and whether eight or nine sectors are being compared.

Diskettes compare OK

Identical information is located in identical sectors on the two


Diskette/Drive not compatible

The destination disk or drive is different from the source disk

or drive. You may be trying to compare a double-sided disk to a

single-sided disk, for example. Use the same type of disks and

drives and try again.

Insert first diskette in drive x

Insert second diskette in drive y

Strike any key when ready

Insert the disks to be compared as specified. Then press any key.

Make sure a diskette is inserted into

the drive and the door is closed

The drive door is open, or the drive is empty. Close the door or

insert a disk and try again.

Specified drive does not exist,

or is non-removable

The drive you specified is a hard disk or does not exist on your

computer. Check the drive name and try again.

Unrecoverable read error in drive x

Track yy, side z

The unreadable data is located on the track and side indicated.


Version 1.0 does not work with two-sided drives. Later

versions work with nine sectors per track. DISKCOMP compares all

40 tracks on a track-by-track basis and issues an error message

if any tracks do not match. If an error is located, the

comparison operation ends, indicating that you should probably

make a new copy of the disk. Only similar disks may be compared:

single-sided to single-sided, or double-sided to double-sided.

The drives used with DISKCOMP cannot be virtual disks, such as

one created by using the SUBST command. In addition, do not use

DISKCOMP when the JOIN command is in effect.


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