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XCOPY+Copying Selected Files

Allows you to selectively copy groups of files.


PC-DOS 3.2+

MS-DOS equivalent: XCOPY (3.2+)




[d:][path] XCOPY [sd:][spath]sfilename




[d:][path] Specifies the drive letter and

path that contain the XCOPY

command file.

[sd:][spath]sfilename Specifies the drive,

directory, or file that you

want XCOPY to copy from


[td:][tpath][tfilename] Specifies the drive,

directory, and file name that

you want the file(s) copied to


/A Copies only those files whose

archive bit is set to on.

/D Copies only those files whose

date is the same or later than

the date specified in the form

/D:mm-dd-yy, /D:dd-mm-yy, or


/E Creates subdirectories on the

target when used with the /S

option even if the

corresponding subdirectories

in the source are empty;

otherwise they are not


/M Copies files whose archive bit

is set to on and also clears

the archive bit.

/P Prompts before copying each


/S Copies files in subdirectories

as well as in the source

directory; creates

subdirectories if necessary.

/V Instructs DOS to verify that

all files have been written


/W Prompts you to press any key

before copying files, thus

allowing you to insert a new


The XCOPY command is used to copy files by specifying only a

directory or drive without indicating file names.



copies all files in the root directory of the disk in drive A to

the root directory of drive C.

XCOPY B: /D:11-22-87

copies all files dated on or after November 22, 1987, from a disk

in drive B to the current directory.


copies all files in the REPORTS subdirectory on drive C as well

as all files in its subdirectories to drive D and creates

equivalently named subdirectories, even if they are empty.


copies all files on drive C that have changed since the last

backup and clears the archive bit after the copy.


Cannot perform a cyclic copy

You probably specified the /S option while the source was

directly above the destination subdirectory, so the destination

is considered to be part of the source. Use a temporary file or

disk to contain the source directory at the same or a lower level

than the destination directory.

Cannot XCOPY from a reserved device

You have specified a printer or an asynchronous port as the

source. The source must be a file. Put the source data into a

file and reissue the XCOPY command.

Does path name specify a file or directory name

on the target (F = file, D = directory)?

XCOPY did not find a directory named path name. Enter D if you

are copying a directory or F if you are copying only one file.

File cannot be copied onto itself

You tried to copy a file using the same name, directory, and disk

as the original. Reissue the XCOPY command, using a different

name, or direct the copy to a different disk.

Lock violation

The source file is locked. Try again after a short time.

Too many open files

You need to reconfigure the system. Increase the FILES= value in

your CONFIG.SYS file if it is less than 20.


XCOPY allows you to copy only files whose archive bit is on,

indicating whether it has been backed up since its last change,

if you have used the /A or /M option. XCOPY works only within a

single directory unless the /S option is specified. The /S option

does create subdirectories, but it does not replicate empty

subdirectories unless used with the /E option.



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