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INT 21,5E AL=0 Get Machine Name (DOS 3.1+)

   AH = 5E
   AL = 00 get machine name
DS:DX = far pointer to buffer receiving name string

on return:
   AX = error code if CF set, (invalid function)
   CH = 0 if name not defined
      > 0 if name defined
   CL = NETBIOS name number, if CH not 0
DS:DX = far pointer to buffer containing string if CH not 0

- returns pointer to an ASCIIZ string identifying the computer on a Microsoft network
- output string is a 15 bytes long, padded with blanks and null terminated
- unpredictable if called without file sharing loaded

11AE:0100 B45E          MOV     AH,5E
11AE:0102 B000          MOV     AL,00
11AE:0104 B9FF00        MOV     CX,00FF
11AE:0107 BA0002        MOV     DX,0200
11AE:010A CD21          INT     21
11AE:010C C3            RET
11AE:010D C3            RET
11AE:010E 56            PUSH    SI
11AE:010F 57            PUSH    DI
11AE:0110 51            PUSH    CX
11AE:0111 52            PUSH    DX
11AE:0112 55            PUSH    BP
11AE:0113 8B36D7E2      MOV     SI,[E2D7]
11AE:0117 56            PUSH    SI
11AE:0118 33ED          XOR     BP,BP
11AE:011A AC            LODSB
11AE:011B 0A34          OR      DH,[SI]
11AE:011D 009D11EB      ADD     [DI+EB11],BL
IP 010C

AX=0000  BX=0008  CX=0100  DX=0200  SP=FFEE  BP=0000  SI=0000  DI=0200
11AE:010C C3            RET
11AE:0200  47 41 54 45 57 41 59 2D-50 32 2D 34 35 30 41 00   GATEWAY-P2-450A.
11AE:0210  C7 06 3D E7 43 71 EB 60-57 06 1E 07 8D 7C 02 81   ..=.Cq.`W....|..
11AE:0220  3C 5C 5C 74 02 47 47 FC-32 C0 B9 FF FF F2 AE F7   <\\t.GG.2.......
11AE:0230  D1 B0 5C 8D 7C 02 F2 AE-BB 00 00 75 19 F2 AE 4F   ..\.|......u...O
11AE:0240  32 C0 26 86 05 50 8B D6-33 DB B8 A0 71 33 C9 F9   2.&..P..3...q3..
11AE:0250  CD 21 58 26 86 05 07 5F-EB 96 2E C7 06 31 E7 00   .!X&..._.....1..
11AE:0260  3B 2E C7 06 33 E7 00 47-2E C7 06 39 E7 00 6C 2E   ;...3..G...9..l.
11AE:0270  C7 06 3D E7 00 43 32 C0-5B 59 5A C3 B8 4E 71 2E   ..=..C2.[YZ..Nq.

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