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This  is a small, simple, linux-specific FTP server.  Read the man page
(for instance using 'groff -mandoc -Tascii ftpd.8 | less' for details
about the server itself.

To install, you need to do three things:

1.  Compile it.  Simply a matter of saying 'make' and 'make install'.
If something fails, you may have a too-old version of libc and/or the
kernel, or I may have done something wrong.  If you think it's my
fault, please send me the output from 'make'.

If you get "Undefined symbol _setfsuid referenced from text segment"
see fakesfuid.h.  If you get "Undefined symbol _vsnprintf referenced
from text segment" you really, really need to upgrade to a later
version of libc.

2.  Edit /etc/inetd.conf, to run this ftpd instead of whatever you run

3.  Set up a cron job to run mkusers every night.  Normally, to show
who is the owner of a file, /bin/ls reads one line at a time from
/etc/passwd until it finds the appropriate line.  mkusers builds
alternative user and groups databases, where one can look up user and
group names much more quickly.

If you do not run mkusers, the ls in ftpd will show only numeric user
and group IDs.

You may also want to do more stuff:

4.  Direct syslog stuff into a suitable file.  The daemon facility is
used, but it's a simple hack to change it to e.g. local3.

5.  The man page explains how to set up virtual servers.

6.  Subscribe to the ftpd-announce list, to receive announcements
about new versions.  Only serious changes will be announced: security
problems and major bugs, not much else.  Send a message to

containing the single word


in order to subscribe.  To unsubscribe, send a message containing the
single word


to the same address.

That's all, I hope.

Arnt Gulbrandsen <>

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