This is a schematic for a MIDI Adapter designed to work with the Sound Blaster joystick (ie, game) port. It should also work with any card having a compatible joystick port.


4 resistors. 3 will have values of 220 ohms, and 1 with a value of 2200 ohms
1 Diode (1N4148)
1 74LS00 IC (ie, contains 4 NAND gates)
1 OptoIsolator (CNY17, or a 6N138 or Sharp PC900 may be substituted with
    changes as noted)
2 female DIN jacks (or you can use male DIN plugs if you wish to connect
    directly to the MIDI device without extra MIDI cables)
1 male 15 pin MINI DB connector (to plug into the sound card's gameport)


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