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Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition
Alphabetical Keyword List
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Abs Function
Addition Operator (+)
And Operator
Array Function
Asc Function
AtEndOfLine Property
AtEndOfStream Property
Atn Function
Call Statement
CBool Function
CByte Function
CCur Function
CDate Function
CDbl Function
Chr Function
CInt Function
Clear Method
CLng Function
Close Method
Clear Method
CompareMode Property
Concatentation Operator (&)
Const Statement
Cos Function
Count Property
CreateObject Function
CreateTextFile Method
CSng Function
CStr Function
Date Function
DateDiff Function
DatePart Function
DateSerial Function
DateValue Function
Day Function
Description Property
Dictionary Object
Dim Statement
Division Operator (/)
Do...Loop Statement
Eqv Operator
Erase Statement
Err Object
Exists Method
Exit Statement
Exp Function
Exponentiation Operator (^)
FileSystemObject Object
Filter Function
Fix Function
For...Next Statement
For Each...Next Statement
FormatCurrency Function
FormatDateTime Function
FormatNumber Function
FormatPercent Function
Function Statement
GetObject Function
Hex Function
HelpContext Property
HelpFile Property
Hour Function
If...Then...Else Statement
Imp Operator
InputBox Function
InStr Function
InStrRev Function
Int Function
Integer Division Operator (\)
Is Operator
IsArray Function
IsDate Function
IsEmpty Function
IsNull Function
IsNumeric Function
IsObject Function
Item Property
Items Method
Join Function
Keys Method
LBound Function
LCase Function
Left Function
Len Function
LoadPicture Function
Log Function
LTrim Function
Mid Function
Minute Function
Mod Operator
Month Function
MonthName Function
MsgBox Function
Muliplication Operator (*)
Negation Operator (-)
Not Operator
Now Function
Number Property
Oct Function
On Error Statement
OpenTextFile Method
Option Explicit Statement
Or Operator
Private Statement
Public Statement
Raise Method
Randomize Statement
Read Method
ReadAll Method
ReadLine Method
ReDim Statement
Rem Statement
Remove Method
RemoveAll Method
Replace Function
Right Function
Rnd Function
Round Function
RTrim Function
ScriptEngine Function
ScriptEngineBuildVersion Function
ScriptEngineMajorVersion Function
ScriptEngineMinorVersion Function
Second Function
Select Case Statement
Set Statement
Sgn Function
Sin Function
Skip Method
SkipLine Method
Source Property
Space Function
Split Function
Sqr Function
StrComp Function
String Function
StrReverse Function
Sub Statement
Subtraction Operator (-)
Tan Function
Time Function
TextStream Object
TimeSerial Function
TimeValue Function
Trim Function
TypeName Function
UBound Function
UCase Function
VarType Function
Weekday Function
WeekdayName Function
While...Wend Statement
Write Method
WriteBlankLines Method
WriteLine Method
Xor Operator
Year Function

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