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Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition
Do...Loop Statement
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Repeats a block of statements while a condition is True or until a condition becomes True.

Do [{While | Until} condition]
    [Exit Do]

Or, you can use this equally valid syntax:

    [Exit Do]
Loop [{While | Until} condition]

The Do...Loop statement syntax has these parts:

Part Description
condition Numeric or string expression that is True or False. If condition is Null, condition is treated as False.
statements One or more statements that are repeated while or until condition is True.
The Exit Do can only be used within a Do...Loop control structure to provide an alternate way to exit a Do...Loop. Any number of Exit Do statements may be placed anywhere in the Do...Loop. Often used with the evaluation of some condition (for example, If...Then), Exit Do transfers control to the statement immediately following the Loop.

When used within nested Do...Loop statements, Exit Do transfers control to the loop that is one nested level above the loop where it occurs.

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