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Linux Documentation

Basic commands:

man -k subject
Find commands related to a subject. The command for finding the command
uname -a
Info about the os, kernel, name of the computer, processor, etc... might not mention the distribution your running. To find out what distribution of linux your running (Ex. Ubuntu) try lsb_release -a or cat /etc/os-release
mkdir folder
“Make Directory”, make a new folder under the current folder
cd folder
“Change Directory” go into a folder under this folder. To go up, cd ..
To go to the root folder, cd /
nano filename
Start the "nano" editor which is included with most Linux distributions. It uses regular commands like the arrow keys, delete, backspace, etc... In Nano:
Output a file... this is SAVE not open.

To select text in nano, move the cursor to the start of the text you want to select, press the Alt-A key combination to mark the start, then move the cursor to the end of the section you want to select. press Ctrl+K to cut your selection and Ctrl+U to paste it.

List files in the current directory. Does NOT find. Use ls -l to see file permissions, size, etc...
ls -d -1 -l --time-style="+%Y-%m-%d@%H:%M:%S" /path/** shows the files in the current directory, one file per line, including permissions, group, owner, size, date (year-mm-dd@HH:mm:ss), and full path/filename. To show the current folder, replace /path with "$PWD"
find -name filemask
Find files in the current directory or below whose names match filemask. Does not search file contents. e.g. find -name *.js
grep -Rine 'pattern'
grep -Rinwe 'pattern 'folder/'
Search for files in the specified directory or below (-R is recursive) whose contents match the pattern. -i ignores case, -n displays the line number in the file where the pattern is found. The -e pattern is a regular expression. -w matches whole words only. --include=filemask can be added to filter the file names searched.
rd folder
Remove a Directory.
mv file file
Rename or move a File. Note: Renaming a file is nothing more than moving it from it's old name to it's new name.
rm file
Remove a File.
df -H
Show the local hard drives with space in GB, etc...
shutdown -r now
Stops the foreground job and places it in the background as a stopped job
Lists all jobs
bg %n
Places the current or specified job in the background, where n is the job ID
fg %n
Brings the current or specified job into the foreground, where n is the job ID
dmesg | grep parport (for PCIe)
lspci -v (for PCI)
Find the addresses of parallel ports on your system.

Assuming you have a version of linix which supports apt-get, you can make sure everything is up to date with:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

From the shell, if you want to let a program continue to run in the background, just hit Ctrl+Z. Or you can start the command with a "&" at the end. E.g. node httpd.js & to start your node.js web server. To see the jobs you have in the background, type jobs and to bring one back to the foreground, use fg  jobno which defaults to job number 1.

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See also:

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