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The InsertMenu function inserts a new menu item into a menu, moving other items down the menu.

The InsertMenu function has been superseded by the InsertMenuItem function. You can still use InsertMenu, however, if you do not need any of the extended features of InsertMenuItem.

BOOL InsertMenu(

    HMENU hMenu,

// handle of menu

    UINT uPosition,

// menu item that new menu item precedes

    UINT uFlags,

// menu item flags

    UINT uIDNewItem,

// menu item identifier or handle of drop-down menu or submenu

    LPCTSTR lpNewItem

// menu item content



Identifies the menu to be changed.
Specifies the menu item before which the new menu item is to be inserted, as determined by the uFlags parameter.
Specifies flags that control the interpretation of the uPosition parameter and the content, appearance, and behavior of the new menu item. This parameter must be a combination of one of the following required values and at least one of the values listed in the following Remarks section.




Indicates that the uPosition parameter gives the identifier of the menu item. The MF_BYCOMMAND flag is the default if neither the MF_BYCOMMAND nor MF_BYPOSITION flag is specified.


Indicates that the uPosition parameter gives the zero-based relative position of the new menu item. If uPosition is 0xFFFFFFFF, the new menu item is appended to the end of the menu.

Specifies either the identifier of the new menu item or, if the uFlags parameter has the MF_POPUP flag set, the handle of the drop-down menu or submenu.
Specifies the content of the new menu item. The interpretation of lpNewItem depends on whether the uFlags parameter includes the MF_BITMAP, MF_OWNERDRAW, or MF_STRING flag, as follows:




Contains a bitmap handle.


Contains a 32-bit value supplied by the application that can be used to maintain additional data related to the menu item. The value is in the itemData member of the structure pointed to by the lparam parameter of the WM_MEASUREITEM or WM_DRAWITEM message sent when the menu item is created or its appearance is updated.


Contains a pointer to a null-terminated string (the default).

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero.

If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.


The application must call the DrawMenuBar function whenever a menu changes, whether or not the menu is in a displayed window.

The following list describes the flags that can be set in the uFlags parameter:




Uses a bitmap as the menu item. The lpNewItem parameter contains the handle of the bitmap.


Places a check mark next to the menu item. If the application provides check mark bitmaps (see SetMenuItemBitmaps), this flag displays the check mark bitmap next to the menu item.


Disables the menu item so that it cannot be selected, but does not gray it.


Enables the menu item so that it can be selected and restores it from its grayed state.


Disables the menu item and grays it so it cannot be selected.


Functions the same as the MF_MENUBREAK flag for a menu bar. For a drop-down menu, submenu, or shortcut menu, the new column is separated from the old column by a vertical line.


Places the item on a new line (for menu bars) or in a new column (for a drop-down menu, submenu, or shortcut menu) without separating columns.


Specifies that the item is an owner-drawn item. Before the menu is displayed for the first time, the window that owns the menu receives a WM_MEASUREITEM message to retrieve the width and height of the menu item. The WM_DRAWITEM message is then sent to the window procedure of the owner window whenever the appearance of the menu item must be updated.


Specifies that the menu item opens a drop-down menu or submenu. The uIDNewItem parameter specifies the handle of the drop-down menu or submenu. This flag is used to add a menu name to a menu bar or a menu item that opens a submenu to a drop-down menu, submenu, or shortcut menu.


Draws a horizontal dividing line. This flag is used only in a drop-down menu, submenu, or shortcut menu. The line cannot be grayed, disabled, or highlighted. The lpNewItem and uIDNewItem parameters are ignored.


Specifies that the menu item is a text string; the lpNewItem parameter points to the string.


Does not place a check mark next to the menu item (default). If the application supplies check mark bitmaps (see the SetMenuItemBitmaps function), this flag displays the unchecked bitmap next to the menu item.

The following groups of flags cannot be used together:

See Also

AppendMenu, DeleteMenu, DrawMenuBar, InsertMenuItem, ModifyMenu, RemoveMenu, SetMenuItemBitmaps, WM_DRAWITEM, WM_MEASUREITEM 

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