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LV_DISPINFO info  Overview  Group

The LV_DISPINFO structure contains information needed to display an owner-drawn item in a list view control.

typedef struct tagLV_DISPINFO { 

    NMHDR   hdr; 

    LV_ITEM item; 




Specifies a NMHDR structure. The code member of this structure identifies the notification message being sent. It can be one of the following notification codes: LVN_GETDISPINFO or LVN_SETDISPINFO.
Specifies an LV_ITEM structure that identifies the item or subitem. The structure either contains or receives information about the item. The mask member contains a set of bit flags that specify which item attributes are relevant. You can set one or more of the following bit flags:




The iImage member specifies, or is to receive, the index of the itemís icon in the image list.


The state member specifies, or is to receive, the state of the item.


The pszText member specifies the new item text or the address of a buffer that is to receive the item text.

If the structure is receiving item text, the pszText and cchTextMax members specify the address and size of a buffer. You can either copy text to the buffer or assign the address of a string to the pszText member. In the latter case, you must not change or delete the string until the corresponding item text is deleted or two additional LVN_GETDISPINFO messages have been sent.

If you are handling the LVN_GETDISPINFO message, you can set the LVIF_DI_SETITEM flag in the mask member. This tells the operating system to store the requested list item information, and not ask for it again.


When a list view control sends the LVN_GETDISPINFO or LVN_SETDISPINFO notification codes, it passes a pointer to an LV_DISPINFO structure as the lParam parameter of a WM_NOTIFY message.

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