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           LISTSERV(R) System Reference Library, release 1.8c
                Copyright L-Soft international, 1986-1996

                        Last update: 13 Aug 1996

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      * LISTSERV command reference cards:                        *
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      *-> LISTSERV REFCARD: General user commands                *
      *   LISTOWNR REFCARD: List and file management commands    *
      *   LISTMAST REFCARD: Commands for the LISTSERV maintainer *
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Commands are  listed in alphabetical  order, with the  minimum acceptable
abbreviation  in capital  letters. Angle  brackets are  used to  indicate
optional parameters. All commands which  return a file accept an optional
'F=fformat' keyword (without the quotes)  that lets you select the format
in  which  you  want  the  file sent;  the  default  format  is  normally
appropriate  in  all  cases.  Some esoteric,  historical  or  seldom-used
commands and options have been omitted.

List subscription commands (from most to least important)
SUBscribe    listname               Subscribe to a list, or change
                                               your name if already subscribed
                      ANONYMOUS                -> Subscribe anonymously

SIGNOFF                                        Remove yourself:
             listname                          - From the specified list
             *                                 - From all lists on that server
             * (NETWIDE                        - From all lists in the network

SET          listname options                  Alter your subscription options:
             ACK/NOACK/MSGack                  -> Acknowledgements for postings
             CONCEAL/NOCONCEAL                 -> Hide yourself from REVIEW
             Mail/NOMail                       -> Toggle receipt of mail
             MIME/NOMIME                       -> Prefer/avoid MIME format
                                                  (especially MIME digests)
             DIGests/INDex/NODIGests/NOINDex   -> Ask for digests or message
                                                  indexes rather than getting
                                                  messages as they are posted
             REPro/NOREPro                     -> Copy of your own postings?
             TOPICS: ALL                       -> Select topics you are
                     <+/->topicname               subscribed to (add/remove
                                                  one or replace entire list)

Options for mail headers of incoming postings (choose one):
             FULLhdr or FULL822                -> "Full" (normal) mail headers
             IETFhdr                           -> Internet-style headers
             SHORThdr or SHORT822              -> Short headers
             DUALhdr                           -> Dual headers, useful with PC
                                                  or Mac mail programs
             SUBJecthdr                        -> Normal header with list name
                                                  in subject line

CONFIRM      listname1 >       Confirm your subscription
                                               (when LISTSERV requests it)

Other list-related commands
GETPOST      listname ref1 >        Order individual messages from
                                               list archives

INDex        listname                          Sends a directory of available
                                               archive files for the list, if
                                               postings are archived


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