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(not so) stupid newbie  Oct 9th 1 14th 262
[OT] - ISBN No. for K&R's book  Oct 24th 1
[OT] 8 pictures of piclisters")  Oct 20th 1
[OT] A new way to make PCB's  Oct 2nd 1
[OT] Goats => sheep [was: Re: Robot Lawnmowers] W  Nov 23th 1
[OT] Need help finding LA7016 data  Dec 22th 1
[OT] RRF and RLF instructions :) puzzle was solved  Nov 6th 1
[slightly OT] power transistors/H-bridges  Sep 18th 1
12C6XX series - anyone tried them yet ?  Jul 20th 1 21th 14 22th 80
16 bit subtract example ???  Mar 29th 1
16C73 and MAX186 - SPI clock question  Oct 22th 1
16c73a USART  Sep 7th 1
16C74 -> 16C77  Sep 24th 1
16C74 multiple power and ground pins  Sep 7th 1
16C84 vs 16F84  Dec 9th 1
16C84/04 with Async. Serial TX/RT  Jul 3rd 1
18 bit address from PC port  Jun 6th 1
Adjusting Contract w/PWM ?  Dec 10th 1 11th 75
ArcSin  Oct 14th 1
Barometric Pressure Sensor  Mar 31th 1
Barometric Sensor Was: (not so) stupid newbie  Oct 14th 1
Basic electronics question  Jun 26th 1
BCD Thumbwheels  Aug 21th 1
Capturing IR Remote Codes  Nov 24th 1 30th 240 Dec 1st 266
Catching up on PICLIST backlog  Jun 5th 1
clock code challenge:  Sep 12th 1
collision detection  Apr 9th 1
Crystal Oscillator Circuit  Jul 28th 1
Current to voltage- anyone know of an IC?  Jul 2nd 1
Dallas Temp. Sensor Prices  Jul 22th 1
decoding ir remote  Dec 3rd 1 4th 76
Difference between 16C84 and 16F84  Aug 31th 1, -8
Different programmers  Jun 11th 1
Display Driver  Jul 21th 1
DOS Assembler for 12C5XX and 12C6XX series ?  Jul 23th 1
Driveway loop  Aug 26th 1
Electronic Compass / Vector 2X  Jul 20th 1
EPROM Pic  Jul 11th 1
ESD troubles  Oct 17th 1
For sale  Jul 2nd 1
Fuzzy Control Tool (was Re: PID Temperature Contro  Sep 3rd 1
Fuzzy Logic  Nov 8th 1 10th 47
Help with long call  Apr 28th 1
humidity and barometric sensors  Aug 31th 1
Humidity Sensor  May 15th 1
I2C LCD question [OT]  Dec 9th 1
IIC Master using 16C7x  Apr 9th 1
inexpensive digital analyzer from INK  Dec 18th 1, 2
IrDA communication  Oct 3rd 1
IrDA on PC (was :Re: IrDA on PIC)  Apr 3rd 1
Looking for RS232 library.  Oct 12th 1
Macintosh Plugs (OT)  Oct 16th 1
MAX186  Jul 31th 1
Maxim Site  Aug 22th 1
more scope questions  Dec 4th 1
Mosfet (LED drive)  Jul 24th 1
MPLAB import still...  Oct 3rd 1
Multi-processors (was os systems or somthing)  Jun 6th 1
Need 12c508 to parallax PIC16CXX programmer pinout  Aug 22th 1
need temp. compensation circuit for LCD STN optrex  Apr 10th 1
networking over power lines...  Oct 20th 1
New LCD Display Available  Jul 8th 1
Newbie ? Key Pad  Apr 4th 1
Open drain  Apr 17th 1
os/wars - a compilation - was Re: SoNoboby knows  Jun 3rd 1
OT: Hall effect sensor  Oct 21th 1 24th 191
OTP erase, B/W Monitor X rays  Aug 18th 1
Parallel port interfacing trouble  Oct 7th 1
PC Keyboard Mapping and PICs  Dec 3rd 1
PIC "C" Compilers......  Oct 9th 1
Pic programmer  Dec 17th 1
Pressure sensor  Jun 7th 1, 5 11th 207
Quick-and-dirty electronics education  Jun 5th 1
Re- Macintosh Plugs (OT)  Oct 18th 1
Re[2]: Batteries [OT]  Nov 23th 1
Re[2]: HD44780 LCD and 4-bit mode using 16F84  Dec 10th 1 11th 72
remove  May 22th 1
rotate  Jul 11th 1
RRF and RLF instructions  Nov 5th 1, 3
RRF and RLF instructions :) puzzle  Nov 5th 1
RX/TX modules - again  May 19th 1
SAW filters  Jul 22th 1
Schematic capture and PCB layout software  Oct 19th 1 22th 208
Shuuuut !! (EWB5)  Jul 24th 1
Sorry not a PIC-topic - but related.....  Apr 28th 1
Spam Spam Spam Spam (wasRe: The Arts need your sup  Apr 22th 1
Stop bits  May 31th 1
stupid newbie  Oct 9th 1
swopcode (Parallax/MPASM converter?)  Sep 29th 1
Telephone system question  Dec 21th 1 22th 16
THANKS ALL (Re: Protected Bit in 16C74/JW)  Apr 26th 1 28th 43, 44
Thanks everyone !!1 RE: EERPOM Problem  Apr 26th 1
The Arts need your support now!  Apr 22th 1
To Few Port Pins ????  Oct 12th 1
Trouble in paradise; Warp3 PIC programmer  Jun 11th 1
Vaccum sensors/switches  Dec 4th 1
Very Fast RAM  Dec 11th 1 13th 70
VPP ??  Jul 24th 1
weird stuff happens...  May 22th 1
windowed PICs sensitive to light??  Jul 10th 1

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