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 Mar 16th 1
- Off topic posts : Solution at last!  Aug 28th 1
"$"  Sep 11th 1
?: fluid measurement  Sep 26th 1, 2
@#$% Protected Bit in 16C74/JW  Apr 24th 1
[OT] 8 pictures of piclisters  Oct 20th 1
[OT] A new way to make PCB's  Oct 2nd 1, 2
[OT] Acronym  Sep 18th 1 19th 13
[OT] CCD Linear Array  Oct 30th 1
[OT] circuit diagrams  Dec 23th 1
[OT] More Batteries  Nov 26th 1
[OT] Re: Barcode and the PIC  Sep 16th 1
[OT] SMT soldering  Sep 8th 1, 2
[slightly OT] power transistors/H-bridges  Sep 15th 1
1000 HOT MEN !!!  Apr 28th 1
16C52 Programming Problem.  Nov 27th 1
16c73a USART  Sep 4th 1 5th 83
16C74 -> 16C77  Sep 23th 1
16C74 multiple power and ground pins  Sep 5th 1
16C74A pin won't budge.  May 20th 1
16C77 -anything /PQ's please  Nov 13th 1
2 bytes into unsigned long  Apr 21th 1
A problem with a pull-up resistor  Sep 10th 1
A/D Faster & cheap like AN513, for C5X family  Mar 14th 1
About TV and VIDEO signals  Aug 21th 1
Aghhh Code Protection Bit Pro  Feb 24th 1
All you South Africans PIClisters out there (or he  Jan 26th 1
AN1 / AN5 problem - PIC14000 & Rev  Nov 25th 1
AN513  May 20th 1 21th 46 22th 95
another q from the stupid newbie  Oct 10th 1
Application controlled reset ???  Feb 17th 1
Art of Electronics Answers (Off topic)  Jul 29th 1 30th 78
Asynchronours Serial I/O - AN555  Aug 20th 1
Audio White Noise  Jul 28th 1
Bandwidth considerations for PIC list  Nov 18th 1
Barcode and the PIC  Sep 15th 1
Batteries  Nov 25th 1, 54 26th 138 Dec 7th 602
Batteries [OT]  Nov 21th 1
Battery Charge  Jun 2nd 1
Battery charger [OT]  Nov 26th 1
Battery power for PIC Project  Nov 21th 1
Best routine for debouncing a switch  May 12th 1
Beta Release of MPLAB v3.20  Mar 16th 1
Binary Attachments to PICLIST Messages (was: "Re:  Nov 17th 1
Bit watches in MPLAB  Oct 17th 1
C compiler  Aug 7th 1 Sep 25th 2608
Carbon Monoxide Detector [ot]  Oct 30th 1
C-compilers for PIC  Jun 9th 1 11th 111 12th 218
Cheap Boards  Jul 30th 1
Checking for corrupt program  Mar 16th 1
Comm Protocol  Oct 17th 1
Command Interpreter / OS  Feb 24th 1 26th 87
command parsing hints sought  Feb 6th 1
Compare Interrupt  Nov 10th 1
Contract help wanted  Sep 15th 1
Current prices for various PIC's  Jul 15th 1
Current to voltage- anyone know of an IC?  Jul 2nd 1
DC FLAG..?..on topic  Aug 18th 1
Dem green boots (OT)  Oct 3rd 1
Digital Cameras  Aug 1st 1
Distance measurement  Oct 23th 1, 41 24th 84
Distance measuring using 16C74-driven sonar  May 27th 1 29th 101
Driving a speaker directly with a PIC  Apr 8th 1
EEPROM DATA PIC16F84  Jul 23th 1
Emulator Opinions  Feb 19th 1
eprom erasure [OT]  Sep 29th 1
EPROM Pic  Jul 10th 1
ESD troubles  Oct 15th 1 17th 180
example c-code, handeling interrupts  May 13th 1
ext clock in RC mode  Mar 19th 1
Factory support (was:Re: PICMASTER and NT4.0)  Oct 17th 1
Free Pictures Of Hot Girls !!!  Aug 6th 1
Fw: Dumb Question  Sep 9th 1
GAL - off topic  Nov 19th 1
Good EEPROM  Nov 4th 1
Good News for NT Users  Oct 23th 1
gps (sour grapes)  Jan 26th 1
Hands off our list (OT was : PICLIST: should it be  Nov 20th 1
Hello! [OT]  Oct 22th 1
How does one get onto the list again ?  Jan 23th 1
How to change locations? [ot]  Sep 9th 1
How to turn it off  Dec 24th 1
Hung-up PIC (was WHAT IS THIS?)  Aug 18th 1
I want off list!!  Aug 14th 1
I2C 7-bit & 10bit addressing mixed?  May 29th 1
I2C comm. and PIC14000  Feb 11th 1
I2C for the PIC16C6X  Aug 11th 1
I2C high side drivers  May 9th 1
I2C LCD  May 30th 1
I2C list  Apr 22th 1
I2C Master on a 17c75X  Jun 9th 1
I2C Master possible for PICs?  Mar 3rd 1
ICEPIC & ICE in general  Oct 9th 1
ICE-PICK vs PICMASTER  May 19th 1 20th 33
IDEA OF THE YEAR winner!  Mar 3rd 1
IIC Master using 16C7x  Apr 9th 1
In Circuit Programming  Jul 25th 1
Interrupt problem  Apr 30th 1
Iomega Click! drive again  Nov 17th 1
IR receivers and their reflective containers?  Mar 2nd 1
Is there a problem ... [OT]  Oct 6th 1
KEELOQ  Jun 9th 1
key matrix scanning  Aug 18th 1
Kiwis  Aug 28th 1
LED matrix & Multiplexing ?  Mar 17th 1, 5
Long Variables in MPC or MPLABC  Feb 3rd 1
Loud Noise  Sep 25th 1
Low power issues.  Jun 25th 1
Low priced LCD displays, telemetry, 14-bit+ A/D  Nov 20th 1
Lowest power scheme  Nov 9th 1 10th 15
mechanically scanned optical keyboard. [OT but int  Nov 19th 1
Microchip Development Tools  Jul 9th 1
Microchip sues Scenix and parallax  Nov 10th 1 11th 8, 18, 115 12th 125, 137, 214 13th 215
Microchip sues... (OT) Patents  Nov 13th 1
Microchip Technical Department.  Jan 30th 1
Microcontroller and Related Suppliers  Sep 30th 1
MM5437 Digtal Noise Source  Feb 24th 1
Modem ICs  Sep 26th 1
Moving message display  Feb 10th 1
MPC  Oct 6th 1
MPC : BIG OOPS!  Oct 6th 1
MPLAB 3.3  Sep 26th 1 29th 92
mplab+picstart plus cut'n'paste  Oct 28th 1
MPLAB3.31  Oct 24th 1, 5
MPLABC 1.21 HELP!!!  Feb 26th 1, 48
MPLABC bugs?  Feb 12th 1
MPLABC newsflash!  Feb 26th 1
MPLAB-C Version Question  Nov 9th 1
Multi - PIC designs - was : Re: os/wars etc.  Jun 5th 1
Multi-Master RS-485  Sep 5th 1
Multiple communications  Aug 8th 1
Multiplexing Seven Segment Displays  Sep 16th 1
Mysterious Code Protect Bit Set  Apr 30th 1
need admin contact for microchip ccmail - causing  Apr 16th 1
New driver for the PICstart +  Nov 27th 1
New PIC technology wish list.  Aug 12th 1
New Pics - FLASH....  Aug 4th 1
New PICs and Architectures  Aug 11th 1, 5, 8 12th 69
Newsgroup-server AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!  Mar 26th 1 27th 42
No more ghost messages - thank you  May 6th 1
No more Plugging please  Mar 23th 1
Novice ques. about WDT  Oct 14th 1
Now it is on topic (was : out of topic)  Aug 15th 1
OFF TOPIC!!! Reliability thinking and risk assess  Aug 14th 1
OK, OK, so now I'm desperate!  Nov 20th 1
Olivetti M10 LCD  Feb 19th 1
Ooops.  Oct 15th 1
oops! - sorry about the repeats  Oct 17th 1
optoisolated I2C  Nov 11th 1
Oscillator types: HS or XT?  Aug 22th 1
OT : Who are these guys anyway?  Oct 14th 1
Other MicroControllers  Mar 19th 1
OTP erase  Aug 14th 1
PIC 16F84 Availability  Aug 13th 1
PIC Alarm system  Nov 12th 1
PIC asm  Apr 29th 1
PIC Book  Mar 14th 1
PIC C library on BBS  Jul 2nd 1
PIC Code Protection Security  Jan 9th 1
PIC Development Tools  Oct 21th 1 22th 85, 91, 94, 96, 117 23th 172, 186 24th 294 28th 483
PIC Development Tools (Going way OT now)  Oct 22th 1 23th 76
PIC Development Tools [OT]  Nov 6th 1
Pic eraser (Project?]  Nov 30th 1
PIC price increases - EEEK!  Apr 29th 1
pic question  Mar 10th 1
PIC with mil specs  Oct 22th 1
PIC16C74A erasibility after Code Protection  Nov 19th 1
PICLIST: should it be splitted?  Nov 18th 1
PICMaster (was :Context saving during interrupts)  Sep 18th 1
PICMASTER and NT4.0  Oct 16th 1 17th 93, 95, 107
Picmaster reliability  Sep 5th 1
PICMaster stack blues  Sep 18th 1
PICMaster Stack overflow : solution  Sep 18th 1
Picstart plus comms  Oct 16th 1
PID and Fuzzy control (was Re: Fuzzy Control Tool)  Sep 4th 1
PID Temperature Controller for SMD reflow oven  Sep 4th 1
Piezo Motion Sensors  Apr 14th 1
Pirates at large! (0T or something)  Sep 25th 1
Pocket Protectors (was: "Re: [OT] 8 pictures of pi  Oct 20th 1
Pointer to "Unsubscribe" Info  Aug 12th 1
power usage meter?  Dec 10th 1
pressure sensor  Sep 23th 1
Printed Circuits Handbook  Sep 2nd 1
Prod, prod (was : embedded control conference)  Aug 14th 1
Product Testing  Aug 18th 1
Programming SMT parts  May 2nd 1 5th 66 6th 104
Project Help  May 14th 1 15th 51
PROMaster earth loop  Jul 17th 1
Protected Bit in 16C74/JW  Apr 23th 1
Push buttons  Mar 25th 1
Push down CALL stack and emulation thereof  Apr 25th 1
PWM  Jul 15th 1
RaNdOm nUmBeRs fOr mIGUEL's 16C84  Sep 4th 1
random values on RAM at startup  Mar 6th 1 7th 9
RCTIME command with the 16C84 ?  Mar 3rd 1
REAL random noise  Sep 5th 1
Real Time Clock  Jul 29th 1 30th 81
Recommend Simulator - Part II  Feb 23th 1
Reliability thinking and risk assesment  Aug 12th 1
Req:Hardware design Suggestions  Jul 29th 1
Resetting a PIC (was :Re: Parallel port influence  Aug 20th 1
RMS power - off topic  Aug 11th 1
Robot Lawnmowers  Nov 18th 1
RRF and RLF instructions :) puzzle  Nov 5th 1
RS232 levels -> TTL  Oct 14th 1
Scenix chip  Aug 12th 1, 39
Sensing Low Battery Condition  Oct 14th 1
Sensing Low Battery Condition (Thanks!!)  Oct 15th 1, 10, 25
serial comms  Jan 19th 1
Serial Comms Question  Mar 7th 1
Serial RAM  Jul 22th 1
Serial Sonar Unit kit proposal - feedback requeste  Nov 11th 1
Servo Laser Control  Dec 11th 1
shift register + LCD  May 29th 1
shift register recomendations  Feb 11th 1
Silicon batches (was:Re: NEW question on PIC emula  Jul 11th 1
Simplest LF PIC synthesizer: PIC power-down  Sep 25th 1
SMD soldering [Not-so-OT]  Oct 20th 1 22th 100
Softaid no longers supports the PIC series?  Feb 27th 1
SoNoboby knows  May 30th 1
Sorry... Misaddressed that one (was: "Re: The usua  Sep 29th 1
Sort of on topic (Engineers' Terminologies)  Aug 18th 1
Source Code ?  Oct 8th 1
Spam on the piclist  Sep 2nd 1
stack overflow error in MpLab  May 5th 1
stupid newbie  Oct 8th 1
Teaching by Example (was: "Re: PIC Book")  Mar 14th 1 16th 132
Telephone modem PIC source code wanted...  Sep 29th 1
Temperature sensor / AN512  Sep 9th 1
That COMMS killer application  Feb 6th 1, 35 9th 138
The Arts need your support now! and picstart plus  Apr 22th 1
The AVR  Jul 3rd 1
The MPLABC upgrade -> reportback  Mar 6th 1
The PIC in Scotish Schools  Mar 5th 1
THE PURPOSE WITH A MAILING LIST (was: RE: test pls  May 2nd 1
Those damned Windoze lusers  Mar 25th 1
Tiffany's Pictures on her web page  Apr 25th 1
Timer interrupts  Nov 5th 1
To Few Port Pins ????  Oct 9th 1
uart problems on 16c63  Jul 15th 1
Universal Serial Bus and PIC  May 20th 1
Unsubscribe  Jun 25th 1
UV erasable versions  Feb 25th 1, 69 26th 121 27th 133
UV Question - slightly off topic  Aug 27th 1
Very Fast RAM  Dec 11th 1
WARNING virus info (ad naseum)  Aug 8th 1
Weak pull-ups on the 16C84  Jul 15th 1
What about the PIC's?  Aug 18th 1
What is the best way to sense a pushbutton press??  Oct 21th 1
Winbond chips  Aug 13th 1
Yeeeeehah! - 50MHz 16C5X clones !  Aug 12th 1 28th 888, 925 Sep 1st 1013
You are mentioned in the ChipDir!  Sep 18th 1

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