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[AD]: Basic18 Bug Fix Released
[AD]: Connectors for NiMH batteries recently obtai
[AD]: Embedded engineer wanted
[AD]: Embedded S/W Job Opening, NW Chicago Suburbs
[AD]: Employment Opportunity
[AD]: New Basic18 Version Released
[AD]: NiMH batteries recently obtained by PICLIST
[AD]: Rework station for sale
[AD]: True 100 MIPS ICD with a PIC compatible proc
[ad]:Hardware for Microchip AN731 Embedded Webserv
[BUY]: CCS PCM compiler for sell?
[BUY]: CP1600-2
[BUY]: Fujitsu MB3775 IC
[BUY]: Laptop floppy drive
[BUY]: possible consulting on switching power supp
[EE:] IS A VIRUS! >[volts also powers the charge-p
[EE] : Cellular Phone Interface
[EE] : Power Inverters
[EE]: Looking for 8051's Avocet macro-assembler/
[EE]: [OT]:How do you use an SED LCD Graphics con
[EE]: Knock sensor interface...
[EE]: PCB design
[EE]: Radio preamble and uarts (16C550, 16C654)
[EE]: Variable switching power supply
[EE]: [AR] Portable data acquisition with PDA's/pa
[EE]: 2mm Conncetors
[EE]: 7805 replacement
[EE]: A cheap GPS Module
[EE]: A fool-proof bicycle alarm
[EE]: AC current
[EE]: Accurate mains frequency measurement
[EE]: ASCII Art software
[EE]: BE resistors
[EE]: Boolean fnc book-in-progress. Free
[EE]: Cellular Phone Interface
[EE]: Cheap schematic software
[EE]: cheap X10 stuff
[EE]: Computer ( HUMOR )
[EE]: Conducted emissions with DC motor
[EE]: Connectors for NiMH batteries recently obtai
[EE]: cs550001
[EE]: detecting milk froth
[EE]: Displays
[EE]: Driving a BUZ10 Mosfet
[EE]: DSP Algorithms
[EE]: epemag july 2000
[EE]: FET failure from mechanical stress
[EE]: Free legitimate Delphi 5
[EE]: Fw: driving LED strings
[EE]: Hall Sensors
[EE]: High Voltage Transistors or Op Amps..
[EE]: How to make a PIC control de rotation and di
[EE]: IR fluorescence
[EE]: KTY10-2
[EE]: Lasers and IR
[EE]: Lattice ISP
[EE]: LCD contrast
[EE]: LED as a photodiode- theory
[EE]: LED as a photodiode- theory! Please help wit
[EE]: led matrix safety
[EE]: logic outputs
[EE]: Looking for 8051's Avocet
[EE]: Looking for 8051's Avocet macro-assembler/li
[EE]: LPS project
[EE]: MAX7651 future 8051 compatible product?
[EE]: measuring inductance
[EE]: Mitsubishi CMOS Image sensors in India
[EE]: Modulating a headlight
[EE]: Mystery Amplifier Inquiry
[EE]: NiMH batteries
[EE]: Numbers :-)
[EE]: PC power supply
[EE]: PIC Development for Linux
[EE]: PIC selectable High Current Source
[EE]: Re: Cheap Low Volume PCB Manufacturer
[EE]: Re: How to control a BIG inductive load?
[EE]: Redundant/Parallel power supplys
[EE]: reliability & sunspots
[EE]: Reliability Discussion
[EE]: ROMable .EXE
[EE]: Soldering big copper rails on PCB's
[EE]: Stepper control
[EE]: Technology for handicapped people
[EE]: Testing Salvaged LCDs
[EE]: Tilt switch replacement
[EE]: Tilt switch replacement BEWARE
[EE]: Traffic lights, (was Modulating a headlight)
[EE]: Transistor replacement
[EE]: transistor replacement
[EE]: Transistor replacement
[EE]: transistor replacement
[EE]: Transistor replacement
[EE]: Using ULN2803
[EE]: White LEDs and MAX1848
[EE]:74HC377 power-up problem
[EE]:controlling serial port from windows NT
[EE]:Newbie Circuit/Parts Question
[EE]:Tilt switch replacement -TOXIC
[EE]:Video Scrambling
[EE]:What's the difference bewteen Microwire and I
[EE]:winding an inductor.
[OT] : Dividing quadrature encoder signal
[OT] : LCD Contrast
[OT] : Power Inverters
[OT]: Digest problems
[OT]: Hitchhikers guide to figgering
[OT]: Hitchhikers guide to figgering, was: If 6
[OT]: Radio preamble and uarts (16C550, 16C654)
[OT]: Reorbiting the Earth
[OT]: " Passive radar" defeats stealth technology.
[OT]: *WEIRD* ICL7106 problem
[OT]: a page to have a look at !
[OT]: Accurate mains frequency measurement
[OT]: Anyone know of drop-in T6963C replacement?
[OT]: Bad Boys - What Ya Gonna Do?
[OT]: Battery AH question
[OT]: Blinking LED softly....
[OT]: Blinking LED softly....Thanks
[OT]: Brain Burp Rounding??
[OT]: Brain Levels
[OT]: Chicago Embedded Systems Conference?
[OT]: Combining video signals
[OT]: Components in Budapest
[OT]: Composit video to USB card or hub
[OT]: Compressed air question
[OT]: Compressed air questions...
[OT]: Copyright and IP of published work
[OT]: Desoldering 16F877
[OT]: Detecting a flying mosquito
[OT]: Detecting a flying mosquito + Rovering bot
[OT]: Doing Science
[OT]: Doing Science (was Re: [OT]: ENOUGH
[OT]: Doing Science (was Re: [OT]: ENOUGH! (was: "
[OT]: DOS directory
[OT]: DOS file and directory structure for PIC
[OT]: DOS MP3 software
[OT]: Echelon again (yawn)
[OT]: ENOUGH! (was: "Re: [OT]: Brain Burp Rounding
[OT]: epemag july 2000
[OT]: extrovert (was Microchip Masters)
[OT]: Failure of program to write EOF
[OT]: Floppy Disck Drive bus specifications
[OT]: Fun with Math(s) (was: ENOUGH! (was: "Re: [O
[OT]: Good (any) resource for LCD datasheets?
[OT]: Gravity waves sensor
[OT]: Gravity waves sensor (not looking for practi
[OT]: Ground Plane Debate
[OT]: heated mouse pad?
[OT]: How to read dB?
[OT]: IBM patent search site
[OT]: IE6, Virus Hardware update
[OT]: I-facing PalmIII Touch Screen to a PIC16F877
[OT]: infinity (was:ENOUGH! (was: "Re: [OT]: Brai
[OT]: Inflateable wing aeroplane
[OT]: Lasers and IR
[OT]: mailto:piclist@mitvma.mit.edu?subject=%5BOT%
[OT]: Mars closest approach
[OT]: Maths again
[OT]: MCHIP has released info about the dsPIC.
[OT]: MIT OpenCourseWare
[OT]: My way
[OT]: NASA and comets again
[OT]: NASA and comets agains
[OT]: Need info on HDD spindle + VCM driver chip.
[OT]: New Category for Pissing Contests?
[OT]: non-conductive 'hot glue'
[OT]: OEM Printer Suggestion
[OT]: Oh, my aching head!
[OT]: Online Fluid Dynamics Resources
[OT]: PDR Tales - { was [EE] : Power Inverters }
[OT]: PIC Noise in op amps
[OT]: PIC tools/auctions - was ICE [AD]:
[OT]: piclist.com
[OT]: Piclist.com
[OT]: piclist.com
[OT]: Piclist.com
[OT]: piclist.com
[OT]: port FICS?
[OT]: Priority Green was Modulating a headlight
[OT]: Program, verify,
[OT]: Program, verify,........
[OT]: ramblings, the "quickening"
[OT]: Re: [PIC]: Context saving in ISRs
[OT]: Re: Digest Problem (was Re: Digest Problem
[OT]: Re: Digest Problem (was Re: Digest Problem)
[OT]: Receiving e-mail
[OT]: Retrieving corrupt Mime files.
[OT]: RF alarms
[OT]: SC-PA transcievers by Linx Technology
[OT]: Selling back power to the electric company
[OT]: Small audio project in USA
[OT]: Software to COM84
[ot]: static on a 900 mhz
[OT]: static on a 900 mhz
[ot]: static on a 900 mhz
[OT]: Sunspots/Doppler
[OT]: Supreme ruling on copyright royalties
[OT]: Test - Please ignore
[OT]: Test ignore
[OT]: test, plz ignore!
[OT]: The Road to Ruination (reposted with OT tag)
[OT]: Time Division Multiplexed
[OT]: Toast
[ot]: Trekkies have taken over
[OT]: Trekkies have taken over
[OT]: TRIACs in parallel
[OT]: True Cost of Nuclear Power
[OT]: Types of heat shrink tubing?
[OT]: upgrading
[OT]: use of GSM off the network
[OT]: Using a mac without a mouse
[OT]: Version Control System
[OT]: Version Control System: what's a good one?
[OT]: Video surveillance software
[OT]: Waterproof 2.5mm audio panel sockets
[OT]: Weekend ramblings: Anybody made it BIG with
[OT]: White LEDs and MAX1848
[OT]: White LEDs and Toko TK 11850
[OT]: Why cannot some of us play well with others.
[OT]:call progress tones
[OT]:Can Windows share Linux Printer?
[OT]:How do you use an SED LCD Graphics
[OT]:How do you use an SED LCD Graphics controller
[OT]:info on Xmodem protocol
[OT]:NOW VERY BORING : Brain Burp Rounding??")
[OT]:Openings in Project boxes [OT]
[OT]:parallel port problem?
[OT]:Philosophy of Euclidean gemetry or Faith base
[OT]:Self-cleaning glass
[OT]:Some doubt about USB device.
[OT]:Take that, you comet you
[OT]:Video Mixing with Keyed Overlay
[OT]:What is a IRIS
[PIC] : 16F628 configuration bits
[PIC] : Code for dividing quadrature encoder signa
[PIC] : Composed 16 bit return value in Hi-Tech C
[PIC]: Amateur Radio Applications for PIC's
[PIC]: floating point headaches
[PIC]: How to write to EEPROM in 12CE674 ?
[PIC]: HVP programming of the 16F628
[PIC]: saving contents of memory
[PIC]: software reset
[PIC]: "16F628.H" file from CCS
[PIC]: [EE] ? : Controlling a load with a variable
[PIC]: [EE]: Variable switching power supply
[PIC]: 12C508 WDT
[PIC]: 12C67X examples
[PIC]: 12CE672
[PIC]: 12CE674
[PIC]: 12CE674-JW odd behavior?
[PIC]: 16C71 vs 16C711/15/16
[PIC]: 16C71 vs 16C71x, etc. revisited
[PIC]: 16c73 RA4 as I/O will not work
[PIC]: 16C745 / 65
[PIC]: 16C84
[PIC]: 16F628
[PIC]: 16f628 and P16Pro programmer
[PIC]: 16F628 and YAPII, problems programming
[PIC]: 16F628 and YAPII, problems programming (aga
[PIC]: 16F84 project for newbie....
[PIC]: 16F84A @ 20MHz
[PIC]: 16F85?
[PIC]: 16F870 Error defying logic...
[PIC]: 16F876 Interrupts
[PIC]: 16F877... TRANSIENT problem !
[PIC]: 16F877... TRANSIENT problem ! -SOLVED-
[PIC]: 16f87x programmer using 16f84
[PIC]: 8bit Data bus using a PIC16F84A.. is it pos
[pic]: 9
[PIC]: A table question.
[PIC]: A/D spectrum analyzer
[PIC]: AC current
[PIC]: AGC Project completed.
[PIC]: Anybody use 10.7 MHz ceramic resonator for
[PIC]: asm DEcompiler
[PIC]: banksel and pagesel instructions?
[PIC]: Best Development System for F877 & ....
[PIC]: Best way to program PIC16F876
[PIC]: Bootloaders?
[PIC]: Brain Cramp
[PIC]: Cellular Phone Interface
[PIC]: Checking for a deceased chip?
[PIC]: Coding challenge
[PIC]: Compiler
[PIC]: Compiler.....+ Java
[PIC]: Config 16f870
[pic]: const pointers in hitech C
[PIC]: Context saving in ISRs
[PIC]: CPU-time
[PIC]: Dallas 1 Wire SDQ or Ibutton, help please
[PIC]: Dallas 1302 realtime clock
[PIC]: Debugging
[PIC]: decoding hellscrieber with a pic
[PIC]: Delay when switching pin from input/output,
[PIC]: delay_us(); using a 16 bit variable in CCS
[PIC]: Deriving 20MHz Clock from OSC2?
[PIC]: DMX Dimmer Code
[PIC]: Do F877's get hot when programming?
[PIC]: Downsides to these oscillators?
[PIC]: driving laptop LCD
[PIC]: DS1721 Communication help
[PIC]: ECP paralell port interfacing :-)
[PIC]: Experiences making MPLAB-compatible ICD (In
[PIC]: External Inerrupt (disturbing Main Programe
[PIC]: f84 + f628 programming differences
[PIC]: floating point headaches
[PIC]: Fw: Fw: [PIC]: unsucscribe
[PIC]: Getting the QANDD programmer to work with t
[PIC]: GPS Routines
[PIC]: Have Pics killed logic ICs ?
[PIC]: HD44780 supplier in UK
[PIC]: I2C bus for motorola HC16 to PIC
[PIC]: IEEE 1284 logic problem
[PIC]: Instruction Set
[PIC]: instructions not in the instruction set !
[PIC]: Interfacing Cable for Tech-Tools Mathias Em
[PIC]: Internal RC osc problems...
[PIC]: Internal RC oscillator calibration problem
[PIC]: Interrupts
[PIC]: Is it possible to use PicstarPlus to progra
[PIC]: keeping watchdog a bay during sleep on 12c5
[PIC]: keypad + LCD module ready
[PIC]: labeling an indivdual bit in MPASM
[PIC]: Linux software for the QANDD programmer
[PIC]: Looking for improved integer's math routine
[PIC]: Low voltage programing ICSP with 16F870
[PIC]: LPS project
[PIC]: MCHIP has released info about the dsPIC.
[PIC]: Microchip Masters
[PIC]: Microchip Masters Conference
[PIC]: Microchip Master's Conference
[PIC]: Microchop Masters
[PIC]: Migrating to C18(V1.00.31) + 18C452 from CC
[PIC]: Minimal 16F84, 16F87X Assembler?
[PIC]: MPLAB compatible programmer
[PIC]: MPLAB set prg end address
[PIC]: New Category for Pissing Contests?
[PIC]: one-second timer is on the web
[PIC]: OSCCAL, 12CE674 and HiTech C
[PIC]: Phase angle algorithm needed
[PIC]: PIC as USB Master?
[PIC]: Pic copier hardware
[PIC]: PIC to X10
[PIC]: PIC tools/auctions - was ICE [AD]:
[PIC]: PIC16C84 current
[PIC]: PIC16F877 not working with 20.0 MHz Resonat
[PIC]: PIC16LF627 can't be programmed
[PIC]: PIC16x84 and MAX1111 - help!
[PIC]: PICDEM.net experience ? Tried extending net
[PIC]: pic's price [was:Universal programmer]
[PIC]: Please help me get started
[PIC]: Pocket MKII
[PIC]: Problem Programming 16F877
[PIC]: Problems using PIC to controll small fan
[PIC]: Program, verify,
[PIC]: Program, verify, then code protect 16C54/57
[PIC]: Programming 16C54's with the Pocket
[PIC]: Programming 16F870
[PIC]: Programming 16F87X
[PIC]: Programming the PIC16F876 by ICSP or other
[PIC]: Question
[pic]: Question
[PIC]: Random bit sequence
[pic]: Re: 9
[PIC]: Re: timers
[PIC]: Reading Mains Voltage From a PIC
[PIC]: Reading output into makeshift data logger
[PIC]: replacements for old PICS (was 16C71 vs 16C
[PIC]: resonator on PicStic
[PIC]: saving contents of memory
[PIC]: Scrambled radio
[PIC]: Simulating clicks of a mouse
[PIC]: Smallest programmer??
[PIC]: software reset
[PIC]: software to program with the picstar+ with
[PIC]: SPI hosing
[PIC]: Subraction
[PIC]: Swapping Vars w/o Temp
[PIC]: Swapping Vars. MORE
[PIC]: Timer0 Interrupt Timing
[PIC]: Timer0 Interrupt, maximum frequency.
[PIC]: timer1 interrupt on overflow
[PIC]: toggle port bit
[PIC]: Universal programmer
[PIC]: unsucscribe
[PIC]: using PB6 and PB7 as outputs
[PIC]: Will pp.exe from pic84v05.zip program 16f62
[PIC]:16F84 and CBLOCK
[PIC]:16F877... Math H E L P !!!
[PIC]:16F877... Math H E L P !!! -SOLVED- Thanxs
[PIC]:16F877... Math H E L P !!!
[PIC]:assembler programming tutorial?
[PIC]:CD-ROM audio playback with 8-bit pic
[PIC]:Change of LVP status
[pic]:Delay(ed) Challenge
[PIC]:I2C source code?
[PIC]:Newbie help
[PIC]:one final newby question....well
[PIC]:PIC16F84 and HD44780 controller - what am I
[PIC]:pic16F877... Filters (was: howto keep in ran
[PIC]:pic16F877... Filters -SOLVED-
[PIC]:pic16F877... howto keep in range ?
[PIC]:Possible to use USART for RX and have TX as
[PIC]:Possible to use USART for RX and have TX as
[PIC]:Universal programmer
[PIC]:Unix Software for the Pocket
[PICLIST] (OT)Receiving e-mail
[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Bounces yet again.
[PICLIST] [admin]: Busted Digest
[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Digest Problems
[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: Re: Digest Problem (was Re: Di
[PICLIST] [ADMIN]: scrambled List delivery Help!!
[PICLIST] [ADMIN]:Missing Email in digest
[PICLIST] [BUY] Atomic Clock Receiver
[PICLIST] [EE] impact sensor /pressure to volatge
[PICLIST] [EE] Modulating a headlight
[PICLIST] [EE] Video Scrambling.
[PICLIST] [EE} MAX125 and 16F84
[PICLIST] [EE}: Pressure sensitive box: problem so
[PICLIST] [OT] [VERY OT] :Philosophy of Euclidean
[PICLIST] [OT] gravity waves
[PICLIST] [OT] I hate spam. Help!
[PICLIST] [OT] Protel Libraties
[PICLIST] [OT] Time Division Multiplexed
[PICLIST] [OT] Version Control System
[PICLIST] [OT]Mars Rocks (was: ENOUGH! (was: "Re:
[PICLIST] [PIC] [EE] : Cellular Phone Interface
[PICLIST] [PIC] [EE]: Thermal Sensing techniques
[PICLIST] [PIC] 12CE674-JW odd behavior?
[PICLIST] [PIC] 16c73 RA4 as I/O will not work
[PICLIST] [PIC] ECP paralell port interfacing :-)
[PICLIST] [PIC] F84 project for newbie
[PICLIST] [PIC] Low voltage programing ICSP with 1
[PICLIST] [PIC] Temp measuring... again :-))) (was
[PICLIST] [PIC] Yet another newby question
[PICLIST] [PIC]; Problem with 12CE674
[PICLIST] [Re: [EE] : Cellular Phone Interface]
[PICLIST] [Re: [EE]: PCB design]
[PICLIST] +AFs-EE+AF0-: Cheap schematic software
[PICLIST] 12CE674-JW odd behavior?
[PICLIST] A/D spectrum analyzer
[PICLIST] ALL: [ADMIN]: Bounces yet again.
[PICLIST] Brainwave monitor
[PICLIST] Can the WDT generally bring the chip out
[PICLIST] change email address
[PICLIST] Clearing files in Netscape
[PICLIST] Digest Problem
[PICLIST] Digest Broken?
[PICLIST] Discussion list for VoIP phone
[PICLIST] DOS MP3 software
[PICLIST] ethernet SNMP device?
[PICLIST] F84 project, need help
[PICLIST] F877 Wont Start
[PICLIST] For Olin Lathrop: How to write to EEPRO
[PICLIST] FW: [EE]: Transistor replacement
[PICLIST] Fw: [OT] gravity waves
[PICLIST] Fw: The Road to Ruination.
[PICLIST] How to control a BIG inductive load?
[PICLIST] Microchip Masters
[PICLIST] MPLAB V5.3 special characters
[PICLIST] PIC: F877 Wont Start
[PICLIST] PIC]: Dos programmming software?
[PICLIST] PIC]: Per a Sergi.
[PICLIST] PIC16C84 current
[PICLIST] PIC17C756A and RS232
[PICLIST] PICLIST Digest - 13 Jun 2001 to 14 Jun 2
[PICLIST] PICLIST Digest - 2 Jun 2001 to 3 Jun 200
[PICLIST] Problem Programming 16F877
[PICLIST] Problems with list digest format
[PICLIST] R: Re: [OT]: heated mouse pad?
[PICLIST] Rework station for sale
[PICLIST] RTC - PCF8583 (to Kashif ali)
[PICLIST] SCL and SDA signals
[PICLIST] Serial port drive specs. Noncomliant dev
[PICLIST] Stepper control
[PICLIST] stop the incoming mails
[PICLIST] SV: Re: [EE]: Tilt switch replaceme
[PICLIST] SV: [PIC]:Unix Software for the Pocket
[PICLIST] test
[PICLIST] test ignore
[PICLIST] Test Message
[PICLIST] Test post, please ignore.
[PICLIST] timers
[PICLIST] unsubscribe
[PICLIST] unsucscribe
[PICLIST] using PB6 and PB7 as outputs
[PICLIST] Virus Warning!
[PICLIST] Virus wrning!
[PICLIST] visit us at www.crownhill.co.uk
[PICLIST] What pic is used on the Picstart 16B????
[SX]: Programming 16C54's with the Pocket
[SX]: What happened to Chuck Glenn?
ALL: [ADMIN]: Bounces yet again.

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