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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[AD] New logic level to RS-232 converter'
2009\01\06@063238 by olin piclist
2009\01\06@065512 by Howard Winter
2009\01\06@141112 by olin piclist
2009\01\06@171319 by Vitaliy
2009\01\06@181201 by olin piclist
2009\01\06@191213 by Vitaliy
2009\01\06@193854 by Tamas Rudnai
2009\01\07@075633 by olin piclist
2009\01\07@083934 by Chris Smolinski
2009\01\07@085512 by Funny NYPD
2009\01\07@111125 by olin piclist
2009\01\07@111358 by olin piclist
'[AD] New low cost programmer for the 3V PICs'
2009\01\07@113543 by olin piclist
2009\01\07@122641 by peter green
'[AD] New logic level to RS-232 converter'
2009\01\07@124406 by Vitaliy
2009\01\07@132111 by olin piclist
'[AD] New low cost programmer for the 3V PICs'
2009\01\07@133052 by olin piclist
'[AD] FTDI FT2232D and FT232RL group buy'
2009\01\07@142423 by Volker Soffel
'[AD] New logic level to RS-232 converter'
2009\01\07@152720 by Vitaliy
2009\01\07@165737 by olin piclist
2009\01\07@202343 by Funny NYPD
'[AD] Shipping calcs, was: Re: New logic level to R'
2009\01\08@100537 by PicDude
2009\01\08@161555 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2009\01\08@220211 by Vitaliy
'[AD] FTDI FT2232D and FT232RL group buy'
2009\01\12@072547 by Jonathan Hallameyer
'[AD] FT232RL reel, group purchase'
2009\01\13@141041 by Volker Soffel
'[AD] Xerox Phaser 850N parts'
2009\01\14@011840 by cdb
'[AD] FT232RL reel, group purchase'
2009\01\14@151631 by M. Adam Davis
'[AD]: Employment Information Needed'
2009\01\28@173611 by PAUL James

'[AD] Surplus Dell PCs for sale'
2009\02\02@155237 by Vitaliy
'[AD] ELEKTOR FPGA MODULe and Courseware'
2009\02\10@202418 by cdb
'[AD]Oscilloscope for sale'
2009\02\12@215301 by cdb
'Re : [AD]Oscilloscope for sale'
2009\02\13@051229 by coucou hibou
'[AD]Oscilloscope for sale'
2009\02\13@062906 by Enki
2009\02\13@140143 by cdb
'Re : [AD]Oscilloscope for sale'
2009\02\15@010118 by cdb
2009\02\15@055821 by coucou hibou
'[PIC][AD] Visual Disassembler for ?ISO-8859-1?Q?th'
2009\02\18@225835 by Raymond Hurst
'[AD] PIC 16F876's and miscellaneous for sale'
2009\02\22@073408 by cdb
'=?UTF-8?Q?[AD] Visual Disassembler for the Microch'
2009\02\23@134040 by Ray Hurst
'[AD] Elektor Magazines 2008 for sale and possibly '
2009\02\23@160431 by cdb
'[AD] Visual Disassembler for the Microchip © PIC18'
2009\02\23@161521 by cdb
'[AD] Visual Disassembler for ?ISO-8859-1?Q?the Mic'
2009\02\23@170425 by Raymond Hurst
'[AD]: Solidworks'
2009\02\25@102525 by PAUL James
2009\02\26@013356 by cdb

'[AD]Freeby'ish Borland programming books'
2009\03\01@024112 by cdb
2009\03\01@172926 by solarwind
'[AD]: Solidworks Modeling For Marc'
2009\03\01@174012 by jim
'[AD]Freeby'ish Borland programming books'
2009\03\01@185803 by Tamas Rudnai
2009\03\01@214155 by Tony Smith
2009\03\01@223814 by solarwind
'[AD]Ebay Listing Borland programming books'
2009\03\02@054256 by cdb
'[AD]Freeby'ish Borland programming books'
2009\03\02@080753 by olin piclist
2009\03\02@093903 by Alexandros Nipirakis
'[admin] question'
2009\03\02@112237 by Mauricio Giovagnini
'[AD]: Solidworks Modeling For Marc'
2009\03\02@130137 by Marc Nicholas
'[AD] LM358M for sale'
2009\03\02@173943 by Peter Loron
2009\03\02@175853 by solarwind
2009\03\02@214818 by Mark Rages
'[AD] 8051 contract programmers in Philadelphia are'
2009\03\03@110119 by William Couture
'[AD]: Solidworks Modeling For Marc'
2009\03\04@230249 by jim
'[AD]: Solidworks Services'
2009\03\05@103957 by jim
2009\03\05@111808 by olin piclist
2009\03\05@114733 by jim
2009\03\05@123351 by olin piclist
2009\03\05@132018 by jim
2009\03\05@174708 by Vitaliy
2009\03\05@183620 by Jesse Lackey
2009\03\05@191358 by Lee Jones
2009\03\05@192939 by Vitaliy
2009\03\05@194449 by Vitaliy
'[AD]: Solidworks Modeling For Marc'
2009\03\08@140050 by jim
'[AD] Elektor Magazines 2008 for sale and possibly '
2009\03\08@225129 by me
2009\03\08@230204 by cdb
2009\03\08@231209 by
2009\03\08@232318 by cdb
2009\03\09@065212 by Tamas Rudnai
2009\03\09@080800 by Roger, in Bangkok
'[AD]Vaccuum fluorescent displays'
2009\03\09@213644 by cdb
2009\03\09@221236 by solarwind
2009\03\09@224541 by cdb
2009\03\09@232731 by solarwind
2009\03\09@232753 by solarwind
2009\03\10@083349 by Russell McMahon
'[ADMIN] Policing the PICList/Forbidden topics'
2009\03\10@140743 by Vitaliy
2009\03\10@150803 by Wouter van Ooijen
2009\03\10@151431 by Michael Algernon
2009\03\10@153419 by Charles Craft
2009\03\10@153644 by solarwind
2009\03\10@155216 by olin piclist
2009\03\10@162820 by Vitaliy
2009\03\10@162946 by Vitaliy
'[AD]Vaccuum fluorescent displays'
2009\03\10@181718 by cdb
'[ADMIN] Policing the PICList/Forbidden topics'
2009\03\10@182840 by solarwind
2009\03\11@071026 by olin piclist
2009\03\11@071745 by Russell McMahon
2009\03\11@085904 by Carlos Marcano
'[AD]: Solidworks Job'
2009\03\11@130553 by jim
'[ADMIN] Policing the PICList/Forbidden topics'
2009\03\11@150444 by Barry Gershenfeld
2009\03\11@205109 by Vitaliy
2009\03\11@205333 by Vitaliy
2009\03\11@211802 by Vitaliy
2009\03\11@224344 by Bryan Bishop
2009\03\11@231048 by Russell McMahon
2009\03\11@233335 by Russell McMahon
2009\03\12@024307 by Vitaliy
2009\03\12@205135 by Barry Gershenfeld
'[AD] Multiprotocol OBD-II ECU Simulator'
2009\03\14@060651 by Vitaliy
'[AD]: Solidworks and PIC programming'
2009\03\15@194927 by jim
2009\03\15@202144 by Tony Vandiver
2009\03\15@210834 by jim
2009\03\15@213852 by Michael Algernon
2009\03\15@214120 by Michael Algernon
2009\03\15@230758 by jim
2009\03\16@025324 by Vitaliy
2009\03\16@073116 by olin piclist
2009\03\16@073708 by olin piclist
2009\03\16@090156 by Jim Franklin
2009\03\16@092354 by John Day
2009\03\16@103050 by Mark Rages
2009\03\16@114500 by Carey Fisher - NCS
2009\03\16@122541 by Matt Pobursky
2009\03\16@150358 by Vitaliy
2009\03\16@172412 by jim
'[AD] Video Character Overlay'
2009\03\16@202520 by Kayode Ayandokun
'[AD]Vaccuum fluorescent displays'
2009\03\23@071012 by cdb
'[AD] Elektor magazines on Ebay and .......'
2009\03\25@014237 by cdb

'[AD][OT] Resume of Hardware Design engineer - 7 ye'
2009\04\09@083257 by Mohamed Ismail Bari
'[AD][OT]Hardware design engineer - 7 yrs experienc'
2009\04\09@143837 by Mohamed Ismail Bari
'[AD]Hardware design engineer - 7 yrs experience - '
2009\04\10@072904 by Mohamed Ismail Bari
'[AD:]WTB MPLAB-ICE2000 module for 16C5x - PCM16XA0'
2009\04\11@075718 by Mike Harrison

'[AD] Save big on an advanced USB-connected I/O mod'
2009\05\07@175032 by David Novak
2009\05\09@232739 by Xiaofan Chen
2009\05\10@001432 by solarwind
2009\05\10@020108 by Vitaliy
2009\05\10@085317 by olin piclist
2009\05\10@112457 by Xiaofan Chen
2009\05\10@201416 by olin piclist
2009\05\11@095856 by David Novak
2009\05\11@104523 by Xiaofan Chen
'[AD] crystals ++ for sale'
2009\05\14@123504 by Art
2009\05\14@155556 by solarwind
2009\05\14@164452 by olin piclist
2009\05\14@171045 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
2009\05\14@172014 by Rolf
2009\05\14@172337 by Herbert Graf
2009\05\14@183354 by olin piclist
2009\05\14@195757 by Bob Blick
2009\05\15@010252 by Art
2009\05\15@013538 by Art
2009\05\15@061239 by Jan-Erik Soderholm
'[AD] crystals ++ for sale 99pic'
2009\05\15@154527 by AGSCalabrese
2009\05\15@223851 by Art
'[AD] FT232RQ-R (Tape/Reel)'
2009\05\27@231530 by Bob Blick
2009\05\29@014437 by ru12
'[AD] 3Xpic12f508 & 3xpic12F509 to a good home for '
2009\05\31@101119 by James Salisbury

'[AD:] Assembler programmer wanted - Full time'
2009\06\04@170841 by Denny Esterline
2009\06\04@194728 by Vitaliy
2009\06\04@210533 by M.L.
2009\06\04@213326 by Denny Esterline
2009\06\04@214455 by Denny Esterline
2009\06\04@224008 by solarwind
2009\06\04@225448 by Vitaliy
2009\06\05@011615 by Rolf
2009\06\05@084259 by Carl Denk
2009\06\05@085607 by Gerhard Fiedler
2009\06\05@110109 by Denny Esterline
2009\06\05@111336 by Denny Esterline
2009\06\05@112242 by Tamas Rudnai
'[AD] Hi Tech Enterprise Edition'
2009\06\08@014756 by Alan Parekh
'[AD] Selling my Explorer 16 Starter Kit'
2009\06\09@143733 by Gökhan SEVER
'[AD] [PIC] JUPIC Programmer and Unique Microchip I'
2009\06\13@074825 by Charles Turner
'[AD:] Assembler programmer wanted - Full time'
2009\06\15@115011 by Denny Esterline
2009\06\15@122307 by Tamas Rudnai
2009\06\15@123155 by Terry Harris
2009\06\15@123158 by olin piclist
2009\06\15@124303 by jim
2009\06\15@132355 by Vitaliy
2009\06\15@225839 by William \Chops\ Westfield
2009\06\16@041612 by cdb
2009\06\16@042835 by Alan B. Pearce
2009\06\16@050339 by Richard Prosser
2009\06\16@054451 by cdb
2009\06\16@234502 by M. Adam Davis
2009\06\16@235712 by solarwind
2009\06\17@020128 by Rikard Bosnjakovic
2009\06\17@052518 by Tamas Rudnai
'[AD] ElmScan PWM OBD-2 scan tool'
2009\06\18@155118 by Vitaliy
'[AD] Greenray YH1450 100MHz OCXO modules for sale'
2009\06\27@122411 by Peter Loron
2009\06\27@152641 by solarwind
2009\06\28@033847 by Peter Loron
'[AD] OBDLink CI: use your PC to scan your car'
2009\06\30@193508 by Vitaliy

'[AD] OBDLink CI: use your PC to scan your car'
2009\07\01@135749 by Clint Sharp
2009\07\01@145502 by Vitaliy
'[AD] Diagnostic (OBD-2) and CarPC software'
2009\07\01@152002 by Vitaliy
'[AD] STM4100: Low Profile Bluetooth to UART Module'
2009\07\03@200509 by Vitaliy
2009\07\03@210836 by Kevin Jones
2009\07\03@223034 by Vitaliy
2009\07\03@231927 by Kevin Jones
2009\07\04@004543 by Vitaliy
'[AD] crystals ++ for sale'
2009\07\15@124426 by Funny NYPD
'[AD]Au Fleet Management System (FMS) Simulator'
2009\07\20@162421 by Funny NYPD
2009\07\20@163610 by Tamas Rudnai
2009\07\20@170222 by Funny NYPD

'[AD] Controller board for Samsung 80 GB Spinrite S'
2009\08\02@050814 by Russell McMahon
2009\08\02@125809 by Vitaliy
'[AD] Basic18 V4.3 Released'
2009\08\02@151904 by Eric James
'[AD] Controller board for Samsung 80 GB Spinrite S'
2009\08\02@210227 by Russell McMahon
'[AD]Au Fleet Management System (FMS) Simulator'
2009\08\03@104154 by Funny NYPD
'[AD]BB0703 and BB0703+ promotion.'
2009\08\03@144728 by Funny NYPD
2009\08\03@190453 by Vitaliy
'[OT]Open source shopping cart---Magento. was [AD]B'
2009\08\03@201356 by Funny NYPD
'[AD] New: Audio-Sound Modules'
2009\08\05@155244 by Don McKenzie
2009\08\05@220122 by Jinx
2009\08\06@034546 by Don McKenzie
2009\08\06@041721 by Jinx
'[AD]The CB0703 is now on sale at US$ 1.99 each. (o'
2009\08\11@232135 by Funny NYPD

'[AD] ICD2 and 1600x PIC16F685/ISS devices'
2009\09\13@034616 by Kerr Brendon
'[AD] microchip ice4000 and tech-tools clearview ma'
2009\09\26@144559 by Craig
2009\09\26@150455 by Dmitriy Kiryashov
'[AD] USBProg2 new lower price'
2009\09\26@193720 by olin piclist
'[AD] microchip ice4000 and tech-tools clearview ma'
2009\09\26@210430 by jim
'[AD] Xilinx FPGA dev. board'
2009\09\30@220158 by Russell McMahon

'[AD] Wanted to Buy - Old Rhino Robot Arm (XR1)'
2009\10\23@192943 by Richard Seriani
'[AD] Looking for an ETX carrier board'
2009\10\25@121918 by Ariel Rocholl

'[AD] PIC16C72-10/SP available'
2009\11\01@134828 by Peter Loron
'[EE] [AD] touch screen graphic LCD in USA?'
2009\11\07@132122 by Vasile Surducan
2009\11\08@134429 by fred jones
2009\11\09@133209 by Vasile Surducan
2009\11\09@152159 by fred jones

'[AD]:: Solidworks craftsman wanted in Hong Kong'
2009\12\12@011133 by Apptech
2009\12\12@091119 by PICdude
2009\12\12@130009 by jim

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