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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[OT]:: Why did the ZX80 CPU run at only 3.25- MHz'
2020\01\01@053850 by RussellMc
2020\01\01@120047 by David C Brown
'[OT]:: Atmospheric condition in Auckland NZ due to'
2020\01\05@133450 by RussellMc
2020\01\05@141928 by James Cameron
'[OT]:: Humour - Walking on water'
2020\01\06@053101 by RussellMc
2020\01\06@063119 by Ross McMillan
'[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][OT]:: Humour - Walking'
2020\01\06@105707 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT]:: Humour - Walking on water'
2020\01\06@111106 by Isaac M. Bavaresco
'[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][OT]:: Humour - Walking'
2020\01\06@121749 by Jean-Paul Louis
'[OT]:: Humour - Walking on water'
2020\01\06@123820 by Bob Blick
2020\01\06@170219 by James Cameron
'[OT]::Any thoughts on "direct import" Chinese cell'
2020\01\16@200312 by RussellMc
2020\01\16@201841 by Nicola Perotto
2020\01\16@210947 by Bob Blick
2020\01\16@215717 by Spehro Pefhany
'[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test]Re: [OT]::Any thoughts '
2020\01\16@224254 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT]::Any thoughts on "direct import" Chinese cell'
2020\01\17@021830 by RussellMc
2020\01\17@175751 by Mike Rigby-Jones
'[OT]:: Atmospheric condition in Auckland NZ due to'
2020\01\25@161138 by c h

2020\02\01@041005 by RussellMc
'[OT] Apollo Rabbit Hole'
2020\02\04@044442 by John Ferrell
2020\02\04@092646 by Alan Pearce
'[OT] Invitation; a lightning debrief'
2020\02\12@173405 by James Cameron
2020\02\12@201431 by David VanHorn
'[OT]:: Earthview.withgoogle - Black hole one image'
2020\02\16@182705 by RussellMc
2020\02\24@011845 by RussellMc
2020\02\24@042424 by David C Brown
2020\02\24@053422 by RussellMc
2020\02\24@203843 by Sean Breheny
2020\02\24@204242 by Sean Breheny
2020\02\24@225546 by Carlos Marcano

'[OT]:: COVID-19 & stuff'
2020\03\01@152944 by 99guspuppet
'[OT] Digi-Key's database'
2020\03\04@113802 by Bob Blick
2020\03\04@115547 by David Van Horn
'[OT] Adjustable regulator down to 0V'
2020\03\04@121007 by madscientistatlarge n/a
'[OT] Digi-Key's database'
2020\03\04@125042 by David Van Horn
'[OT] Adjustable regulator down to 0V'
2020\03\04@133352 by Bob Blick
'[OT] Digi-Key's database'
2020\03\04@134331 by Neil
'[OT] Adjustable regulator down to 0V'
2020\03\04@140321 by madscientistatlarge n/a
'[OT] Digi-Key's database'
2020\03\04@140710 by Bob Blick
'[OT] Adjustable regulator down to 0V'
2020\03\04@174417 by Harold Hallikainen
2020\03\04@184933 by David Strumpf
2020\03\04@223407 by Sean Breheny
2020\03\04@231522 by madscientistatlarge n/a
'[OT]:: The reason for the (putative) PICList decli'
2020\03\05@165720 by 99guspuppet
'[OT]:: some COVID19 science / tech questions'
2020\03\05@174341 by 99guspuppet
'[OT] Adjustable regulator down to 0V'
2020\03\06@064736 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\03\06@065806 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\03\06@070434 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\03\06@103627 by Harold Hallikainen
2020\03\06@115834 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\03\08@113831 by Don Kuenz
'[OT]: Optimal speaker enclosures.'
2020\03\19@175322 by Justin Richards
2020\03\19@184435 by Bob Blick
2020\03\20@052700 by Bruno L. Albrecht
'[OT] Tags'
2020\03\24@100929 by Richard
'[OT] Pointer to class member function problem'
2020\03\24@102622 by Gordon Williams
2020\03\24@162312 by Christopher Head
'[OT] Tags'
2020\03\24@175227 by Josh Koffman
'[OT]:: some COVID19 science / tech questions'
2020\03\25@152359 by Peter Loron
2020\03\25@180527 by David Van Horn
2020\03\25@182624 by Bob Blick
2020\03\25@183941 by James Cameron
2020\03\25@201809 by Peter Loron
2020\03\25@203857 by Peter Loron
2020\03\26@005523 by John Ferrell
2020\03\26@010753 by James Cameron
'[OT]:: COVID-19 & stuff'
2020\03\29@072351 by RussellMc
2020\03\29@132152 by John Gardner
2020\03\29@154357 by David Van Horn
2020\03\31@154505 by Bob Blick
2020\03\31@185638 by Alan Pearce

'[OT]::Cirque du Soleil freebies'
2020\04\01@053857 by RussellMc
2020\04\01@144207 by Sean Breheny
2020\04\01@201726 by Alan Pearce
2020\04\01@213226 by Bob Blick
2020\04\02@021804 by John Ferrell
'[OT]:: Free projection control software - open sou'
2020\04\08@023542 by RussellMc
'[OT]:: COVID-19 & stuff'
2020\04\15@212451 by Stephen Forrest
2020\04\17@071615 by RussellMc
'[OT:: Making Moonshine'
2020\04\17@074505 by RussellMc
2020\04\17@082857 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\04\17@082929 by Denny Esterline
2020\04\17@083746 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\04\17@084657 by RussellMc
'[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][OT:: Making Moonshine'
2020\04\17@122522 by Allen Mulvey
2020\04\17@122820 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT:: Making Moonshine'
2020\04\21@032503 by Sean Breheny
'[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][OT:: Making Moonshine'
2020\04\23@035023 by John Ferrell
2020\04\23@044712 by Justin Richards

'[OT] Russell Cardiac PVI - done and doing very wel'
2020\05\08@080518 by RussellMc
2020\05\08@114430 by Jean-Paul Louis
'[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test]Re: [OT] Russell Cardia'
2020\05\08@163336 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT] Russell Cardiac PVI - done and doing very wel'
2020\05\08@231209 by Peter
2020\05\09@002443 by Carlos Marcano
2020\05\09@020414 by Richard Prosser
'[OT]:: COVID-19 & stuff'
2020\05\25@090259 by RussellMc
'[OT] Simple PnP Crowdfunding'
2020\05\26@140422 by Lindy Mayfield
'[OT]: NASA youtube stream in prep for SpaceX fligh'
2020\05\27@045341 by Justin Richards
2020\05\27@093745 by Justin Richards
2020\05\27@154432 by James Cameron
2020\05\27@162653 by John Gardner
'[OT] T962C Reflow Oven Issue'
2020\05\28@190650 by David Duffy (AVD)
2020\05\28@230139 by Brent Brown
2020\05\29@074135 by Brent Brown
2020\05\29@175129 by David Duffy (AVD)

'[Other] replacement rework station'
2020\06\01@163541 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT]: Seismo-Ionospheric, Seismo-Electromagnetic'
2020\06\05@052506 by c h
2020\06\05@132705 by Jim Ruxton
2020\06\05@204452 by William Clawson
2020\06\05@230648 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT] soldering mild steel sheet, galvanic corrosio'
2020\06\16@064114 by Jason White
2020\06\16@085552 by Jean-Paul Louis
2020\06\16@161648 by Allen Mulvey
2020\06\17@001103 by John Ferrell
2020\06\17@010418 by Sean Breheny
2020\06\17@073414 by Allen Mulvey
2020\06\17@095137 by Jean-Paul Louis
2020\06\17@100455 by Bob Blick
2020\06\17@154159 by Sean Breheny
2020\06\17@161725 by Bob Blick

'[OT] organizing/grouping transistors'
2020\07\01@013447 by Bob Blick
2020\07\01@014809 by xygax
2020\07\01@030819 by Richard
2020\07\01@044944 by Clint Jay
2020\07\01@053357 by Peter
2020\07\01@204624 by Harold Hallikainen
'[OT] WIN10 upgrade de-internets a zillion older PC'
2020\07\04@075504 by RussellMc
2020\07\08@104449 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT]: recover files from Hard drive'
2020\07\21@140503 by Luis Moreira
2020\07\21@143828 by Denny Esterline
2020\07\21@162141 by Luis Moreira
2020\07\21@162814 by David VanHorn
2020\07\21@163624 by Luis Moreira
2020\07\21@164738 by David VanHorn
2020\07\21@182357 by Clint Jay
2020\07\22@080514 by Luis Moreira
2020\07\22@081831 by Clint Jay
2020\07\22@090540 by Luis Moreira
2020\07\22@154421 by Brooke Clarke

'[OT] Baen Publishing Free $10 Gift Card'
2020\08\07@192258 by Dwayne Reid

'[OT] Red monochromatic LED flashlights and/or ligh'
2020\09\02@172150 by Jason White
2020\09\02@173748 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\09\02@174057 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\09\02@174518 by Clint Jay
2020\09\02@174943 by James Cameron
2020\09\02@195529 by Sean Breheny
2020\09\02@205720 by Bob Blick
'[OT] Simple LiPo charging circuit'
2020\09\03@010400 by Jim Ruxton
2020\09\03@013102 by James Cameron
2020\09\03@083636 by RussellMc
'[OT] Socializing over Ham radio? (as a "young pers'
2020\09\03@085850 by Chris Smolinski
2020\09\03@115002 by Harold Hallikainen
2020\09\03@125744 by Chris Smolinski
'[OT] Simple LiPo charging circuit'
2020\09\03@222552 by Jim Ruxton
2020\09\03@230324 by James Cameron
2020\09\04@014750 by Jim Ruxton
2020\09\04@015137 by Ryan O'Connor
2020\09\04@020035 by James Cameron
2020\09\04@020237 by James Cameron
2020\09\04@022354 by Jim Ruxton
2020\09\04@034754 by Clint Jay
2020\09\04@045324 by RussellMc
2020\09\04@154615 by Sean Breheny
2020\09\06@133244 by Bob Blick
2020\09\06@141112 by Sean Breheny
2020\09\06@165433 by Ryan O'Connor
'[OT] World's brightest LED'
2020\09\06@165844 by Ryan O'Connor
'[OT] Simple LiPo charging circuit'
2020\09\06@172725 by Bob Blick
2020\09\06@174056 by James Cameron
2020\09\06@181046 by Ryan O'Connor
2020\09\06@195732 by Bob Blick
'[OT] World's brightest LED'
2020\09\06@231859 by RussellMc
2020\09\06@233554 by Ryan O'Connor
2020\09\07@030027 by Clint Jay
2020\09\07@065306 by Alan Pearce
2020\09\07@142733 by Sean Breheny
2020\09\07@145552 by Mike
2020\09\07@165629 by RussellMc
2020\09\07@175530 by RussellMc
2020\09\08@012628 by Jim Ruxton
2020\09\08@022131 by Ryan O'Connor
2020\09\08@034153 by madscientistatlarge n/a
2020\09\08@050959 by Ryan O'Connor
2020\09\08@091121 by Allen Mulvey
'[OT]:: Likelihood of car alternator fault being du'
2020\09\08@100525 by RussellMc
2020\09\08@103847 by Allen Mulvey
2020\09\08@114847 by Bob Blick
'[OT] World's brightest LED'
2020\09\08@123145 by madscientistatlarge n/a
'[OT]:: Likelihood of car alternator fault being du'
2020\09\08@123432 by John Lawton
2020\09\08@155708 by Alan Pearce
2020\09\08@180122 by Richard Prosser
'[OT] World's brightest LED'
2020\09\09@164656 by Clint Jay
'[OT] Socializing over Ham radio? (as a "young pers'
2020\09\13@083603 by Jason White
2020\09\13@110152 by Jean-Paul Louis
2020\09\13@163214 by Alan Pearce
'[OT]:: Is Phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere evi'
2020\09\16@072327 by RussellMc
'[OT]:: Tacoma Narrows Bridge failure (1940)'
2020\09\21@084800 by RussellMc
2020\09\21@113157 by madscientistatlarge n/a

'[OT] New laptop battery draining when shut off'
2020\10\15@001738 by Bob Blick
2020\10\15@004109 by James Cameron
2020\10\15@061819 by Dom
2020\10\17@132326 by Clint Jay

'[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast'
2020\11\05@111731 by Harold Hallikainen
2020\11\05@133332 by Anthony Toft
2020\11\05@174103 by Harold Hallikainen
2020\11\06@104742 by Harold Hallikainen
'[OT] Thermal camera use cases'
2020\11\10@165821 by James Cameron
2020\11\10@173514 by John Gardner
2020\11\10@175037 by James Cameron
'[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast'
2020\11\24@214029 by Martin McCormick
2020\11\24@230433 by James Cameron
2020\11\25@131406 by Martin McCormick
2020\11\25@180138 by Martin McCormick
2020\11\26@001535 by Jim
2020\11\26@060642 by Alan Pearce
2020\11\26@092522 by Martin McCormick
2020\11\26@103757 by Dave Tweed
2020\11\26@132715 by Martin McCormick
2020\11\26@140741 by Alan Pearce
2020\11\26@161407 by James Cameron
'[OT] Cheap microscopes'
2020\11\29@033513 by James Cameron
2020\11\29@043512 by David C Brown
2020\11\29@060104 by John Lawton
2020\11\29@151220 by James Cameron

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