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'[EE] OK to short non-connected pins?'
2009\04\02@192802 by solarwind
2009\04\02@194812 by cdb
2009\04\02@204613 by solarwind
2009\04\02@214949 by Michael Algernon
2009\04\02@223025 by Joseph Bento
2009\04\02@224900 by solarwind
2009\04\03@044657 by Chris Emerson
2009\04\03@130832 by Sean Breheny
2009\04\03@195140 by Russell McMahon
2009\04\03@202258 by Joseph Bento
2009\04\04@020434 by Vis Naicker
2009\04\04@022021 by Joseph Bento
2009\04\04@051014 by Tony Smith

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