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'***SPAM*** Re: [EE] Elektor acquires CC'
2009\12\02@130157 by Mark E. Skeels

For me, CC has replaced all the old establishment EE mags as the only
must have.

It would take 50 issues of the others to equal the useful information in
one issue of CC.

The moment that changes, I'll unsubscribe. IMHO, that's what made the
mag successful.

I remember when it was some kind of privilege to get those older mags;
now I am hounded by telephone calls for subscription renewal. Circuit
Cellar is the only magazine I currently subscribe to and I am glad to
pay for it with my own money.

I save all my back issues.

Mark Skeels
Competition Electronics, Inc.
TEL: 815-874-8001
FAX: 815-874-8181

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