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'[AD]: NEW! SX and PIC C compiler !'
2001\07\10@190304 by Bryan

New Optama C Compiler: An Entry Level C Compiler for Ultra Quick PIC Code

Optama Software have introduced a new development tool for both the popular PIC family from Microchip Technology Inc and  the SX
family from Ubicom. Since the PIC family is one of the most widely used 8-bit microcontrollers and the SX microcontroller  is an up and
coming device for engineers, the Optama C Compiler can find a home on any engineer's desk.

The Optama C Compiler has been designed for ease of use, coupled with efficient code generation, and comes complete in a  Windows
development environment. It will allow programmers to spend a minimum amount of time developing PIC code, thus it is  highly cost-efficient.
This is especially important with today's time to market being such an important factor.

The Optama C Compiler will be available July 2001 through Kanda and Logical Devices. Customers can download a free 100%  functional,
but limited code-size, evaluation version now from or If you would like to purchase an  upgrade, you
can then do so from Kanda's user-friendly and secure site.

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