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'[AD]: Power Supplies -- for sale -- Phihong PSA-18'
2001\07\23@035923 by Ron Anthony

Hello All, just figured I mention my overstock.  These power suplies are
new, factory sealed, 30 to a case, we have plenty left.  Anyone interested?
They take normal AC cable in just like a monitor or PC power cord.  Output
conenctor size is standard, I think 2.1 mm ID 2.5 mm OD with negative edge.

Also I have 6 foor AC to computer/monitor black UL listed power cord, 100
pieces to a case
6 foot 1/8th inch stereo jack (for sound card output) to twin RCA connectors
to hook to stereo
6 foot male to male DB25, each coiled and individually sealed
6 inch Y adapter, one male 1/8th inch stereo to twin female 1/8th inch
stereo adaptors (splits an audio output jack, for example)

Anyone interested?  send email to

{Original Message removed}

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