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'[Bulk] Re: [EE] Where have all the technicians (an'
2009\04\05@193910 by Isaac Marino Bavaresco

Joseph Bento escreveu:
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People in rich countries may not understand, but here in Brazil most
people live with approx. $2,600.00 (our "minimum salary" ).
Lots of people with university diplomas earn around $6,000.00.

Of course doctors, judges and some government employees may earn $100k
and over.

Here, a family earning $33k per year would be a class "B" family (Class
"A" are the riches, and the classification goes up to class "E" ).



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2009\04\05@203739 by Bob Axtell

face picon face
But the location makes a LOT of difference.

In the USA, I spend enough each month in CO-PAYS at the medical clinic
to pay for
the entire treatment in Mexico (just 70km south of my house). I recently
had 19 teeth
extracted and needed dentures. My US dentist gave me the "best price" of
$5600 + $1000
for the dentures. I got the very same service in Mexico for $1500...
INCLUDING the dentures.

The cost for rent and food might be very low in Brazil, for example. I
know that India is reasonable
(I've been there for a few weeks).


Isaac Marino Bavaresco wrote:
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