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'[EE]:: Connector requirement'
2009\06\06@053356 by Russell McMahon

I'm looking for suggestions re a 4 pole connector for use on a portable
battery powered device.
I have a reasonably suitable connector available, but would prefer better.

Connections are ground, two power level leads and signal.
3 other lines are ground referenced.
Max currents <- say 500 mA.
Wiping contacts would be nice.
Ideal connector would not allow user shorting together of lines in plug or
socket without an excessive amount of enthusiasm.
Idea connector does not short or connect various lead combinations during
insertion or removal. ie a multi pole stereo plug fails this requirement and
a "USB connector" of any sort passes it.
Connector need not be weatherproof but ideally should not be overly troubled
by  real world use.
Ideal connector would be low cost and long life / many insertions (of

A USB full size type -B connector (the end that plugs into eg printers)
would be good enough to meet the above requirements as contacts in plug and
socket are visible but not accessible to casual shorting. (It's OK that a
user who feels they must short the connections together for whatever unknown
reason can do so with a piece of wire or small scissors etc. This capability
is not required - just allowed to be possible) .

The USB type-B connector is quite a good match to the requirement EXCEPT
that because it is a USB connector, people are liable to plug USB cables
into it.

Small size would be good - full size USB B connector is at upper end of size
Use of mini-USB and micro-USB connectors is undesirable as a large and
increasing number of portable devices use such connectors and it would be
nearly certain that some people would connect them to this device.  The
device is unlikely to be harmed, but the users equipments mileage may vary.

So any other "good", cheap, long life, non shorting, small, <=500 mA, real
world comfortable 4 pole (or more) connection system would be of interest.


2009\06\06@065443 by Richard Prosser

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2009/6/6 Russell McMahon <>:
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2009\06\06@071431 by peter green

Richard Prosser wrote:
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