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'[EE] Measure and Cut lead cutting hand tool'
2009\06\22@020715 by Forrest W Christian

I've seen somewhere a set of hand cutters which have the cutting blade
offset a precise distance from one side, or end of the tool - for
instance 0.125" or thereabouts.   I believe I've seen both the side and
end versions of this tool.

This permits one to pre-trim leads on bulk components to a precise
length before hand-insertion into a circuit board (for wave soldering) -
simply by "resting" the side of the tool on the base of the component,
and then cutting.  The tool in essence "measures" the distance from the
component when cutting.

Of course, now I need to buy some, I can't find a source.   Does anyone
know where to buy such a beast?  I have checked what I believe to be the
likely spots (Techni-tool and similar), but since I'm not 100% sure what
these are really called, I might have missed them.

Ideas?  Sources?


2009\06\22@030951 by Per Linne

RS Components # 545-109? "Crop And Bend Tool"


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