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'[EE] Zapping Nicads - copper corrosion'
2009\07\27@045029 by Vis Naicker

Following some recent threads about diy pcbs, I pulled out my dremel-like
tool from the cupboard, and decided to charge it. It would not charge (
hardly ever used ), and would not run of the ac/dc charger adapter. So I
pulled out the screwdriver and pulled it apart, and noticed that the green
stuff was growing out of one the terminals. I followed it right into the
motor terminals.

I have not tested the motor much as yet, could this copper corrosion have
damaged the motors inards? I don't mind the cells as I could always bypass
it to the adapter or zap them as suggested. The tool is a brand name
advertised on tv, but it turns out that it is very cheaply built. The AC/DC
adapter is just that, and I see that it was directly charging the cells -
there was no charger circuitry.

I will google soon, but what causes the copper corrosion? Could I have lost
the motor due to the corrosion? Should I open it and try cleaning it with (
alcohol/silicone/?). Actually I think that is the only option left.

2009\07\27@081657 by Carl Denk

If it is a Dremel (Division of Bosch) in the USA, for out of warranty,
they do for around $35 maximum, either repair or send back a refurbished
or new unit. Caution if you have accessories like router or drill press.
Some of the newer models won't fit the older accessories. Call them,
they may have a free adapter. Though I don't consider the Dremel a heavy
duty tool, it is lower cost, but it's not worth while buying the cheap  
imitations. :(

Vis Naicker wrote:
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