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'[EE] April Circuit Cellar is free download'
2009\03\25@194902 by M. Adam Davis

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CC has been publishing a PDF electronic edition for years.  Now they
are switching over to a digital publish edition (online flash reader)
that also include a downloadable PDF (I fear they won't include
individual article PDFs though...).  This should allow them to include
multimedia content (videos, etc) with articles, although I didn't see
anything with the april edition.  I expect advertisers to be more keep
on video demonstrations than article authors at first anyway...

At any rate, they are offering the April 2009 edition for free to all:
Direct to april edition:

They are NOT discontinuing the print edition.  But they want to add
more articles without increasing the size of the physical edition.
Steve's editorial at the end talks a bit about this.

Anyway, for those who don't know CC, it's worth taking a look.


2009\03\25@225611 by cdb


:: his should allow them to include
:: multimedia content (videos, etc)

The demo edition does have the little filmlets mainly from their

The downloaded edition (once I got tit to work) didn't have the

Having said that CC were very helpful when i wrote to them to point
out that flash download doesn't work in Opera at all and IE 7 has
problems. they provided a work-a-round for IE7 - though I'd found a
different way to work-a-round.

I think the only magazine that has article downloads is Elektor.

cdb, on 26/03/2009

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