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'[EE] Re: interesting project'
2009\04\28@235028 by Jake Anderson

It'd be easier (and more likley to work) to put your GPS down on the
ground at a point (say where you want to do the setup)
let it average the position for a minute.

Then walk 100M or so " a bit to the left of northish"
turn right
walk until the box starts flashing at you
Put it down and let it average for a minute.
look at the LCD and it'll tell you where you need to move to make the
box directly north of the first position.

Put the little arm up with the LED on it and you can use it to sight the
scope for north, and probably some other ones at the same field, the
angular error should be small enough to get the target into the field of
view at least.

Derward Myrick wrote:
> >From another list,  some might find it fun to look azt.
> Derward
> {Original Message removed}

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