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'[EE]Stable version of MySQL for windows XP SP3?'
2009\05\04@105646 by Funny NYPD

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I have the Apach 2.2.11, PHP 5.2.9-2 installed on a XP SP3 machine (2G RAM, AMD Athlon CPU), and both work very reliably.

The most recent MySQL V5.1.34 release seems not so reliable on XP SP3 on a few tests, anyone has a stable windows version of MySQL to recommend?

It is amazing how small those software are with so many powerful features.

So, Not GB releases  like many large organization, Those installation files are normally less than 100M bytes. (adobe is really the pain of the ass with so many DVDs in each CS3/CS4 releases, 99% of those are useless garbage, I bet most of the CPU performanced are wasted too.)

One of our employee just found some small organization's web edit software (about 100 MBytes) doing lot better than Adobe Dreamweaver CS3/4 with only partial of its cost. Maybe a few open-sourced web edit tool (windows based) can also be recommened?

Funny N.
Au Group Electronics,


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