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'[OT]: DOA Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. Some URLs'
2000\07\17@025214 by Robert Rolf

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2. Battery - deteriorated or abused lead acid batteries are very common.
  If the battery will not charge or hold a charge, battery problems are
  likely.  A UPS (or any kind of lead-acid battery powered equipment)
  lies idle for a long time (say a year or two) without power to top
  the battery will likely result in a dead - not salvageable - battery
  to sulfation.  Symptoms will be: voltage on battery climbs to more
  2.5 V per cell when first put on charge and even after a long
  period, the battery has essentially no capacity.  If the battery
  is at its nominal value - even when the inverter should be running
from it
  (and there is no or low output), then there is a problem in the
  or its connections or there is excess load.

Something on reversing sulfation. Use at your own risk.

And then there's the 'bogus' stuff
"As the sulfate crystal resonates, it is able to become ionized and
reform back into the electrolyte and active material."

Uh huh. Sure. And the resonate frequency of these crystals is??
Ionized by resonance? Tell me more...

"This gentle pulse (150 millivolts 80
milliamps under load), is harmless to the battery and charger. "

150mV is going to do bugger all WRT the electrochemistry of the cell.
I wonder they using a PIC in the controller <G>.

Robert Rolf wrote:
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