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'[OT]: Is this ceramic loaded ?'
2009\06\19@053440 by Jinx

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Been disassembling some donated parts and wonder if anyone here
in the RF caper knows what I have

Here's a picture of my junk (ooo-er)

It's a 950MHz tuner. The box is pure copper and I'm selling those for
scrap (60kg). Keeping the stepper motors, controllers and other bits

The motor is mounted with the copper disc inside the box, parallel to
the brown ceramic cylinder. The disc is moved in/out with the motor
(200 step) and a fine screw thread, so the distance between the two is
quite well controlled

Presumably there is some interaction between the copper disc and
the ceramic which changes the characteristics of the enclosure

What I'm wondering is this. I noticed that the brown ceramic seemed
heavier than expected. The white ceramic has a density of 3g/cm3 and
the brown ceramic 4.8g/cm3, so it's not the same material as the white.
I'm guessing the white is there as an insulator to position the brown
cylinder mid-box

Could this brown ceramic be loaded with copper and is it recoverable ?
There's 20kg of it, so would be worth $$$ if it is. My thought is that maybe
it isn't copper metal, because there are green and light blue versions (in
picture) which are very slightly less weight (310g vs 315g for brown), so
the loading could be some metal salt or other compound


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