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'[OT]: PICList web errors'
2002\07\05@195635 by James Newton, webmaster

face picon face

Someone would be me. I did renew the (and domains as I do every year.

The server won't ping, and it does retaliate automatically to
most attacks. She a very smart puppy. Although she could be
smarter and I always welcome constructive feedback on security

I would assume from the description that the server was
A) Very busy. The search engine is a real cycle hog now that
there are 11,768 documents totaling over 2 Gigabytes of text in
the index. The new server has been quickly overcome with the load
and I'm looking for a new indexing engine to replace the one in
IIS 4.0

B) Not connected to the net. The damn DSL connection is just not
reliable... although I have to admit there have been no noticable
outages for some time... You can try as a backup site. It is a
little out of date (does anyone have experience with directory
replication between NT 4.0 servers over VPN via PPTP?)

C) Just not being found by your ISPs DNS server. Try don't use just because I havn't got around to takeing an old
copy of a clients web site off line yet.

Best of luck.

James Newton: webmaster, former Admin #3  1-619-652-0593 phone

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2002\07\05@202204 by Brendan Moran

My best guess is something similar to C.  I couldn't get the IP, and under
the other 2 situations, I would have gotten it.

If the server doesn't ping, I think that the ping program will still return
an IP that it gets from the DNS, rather than "Bad IP."

I figure that what happened is that my ISP's DNS temporarily lost the IP for

Anyway, it's cleared up now.

And, btw, thanks for running  We all know how much time and
effort gets put into it.  Not to mention Bandwidth.


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