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PICList Thread
'[OT]:Interesting Project looking for solutions'
2000\08\20@165803 by Lance Allen

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On 18 Aug 2000, at 18:28, Jim Ruxton wrote:

> The recorded motion will also play back
> simulaneously. My biggest challenge as I see it is synchronizing the
> video and motion system. I was thinking of using the audio tracks on the
> video to hold the data. I'm not sure how much data I can pack onto the
> audio track. Does anyone know if this is feasible. Any suggestions or
> thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
> Jim
It is worth experimenting with the bandwidth of the audio channel on
the VCR (camera... whatever). A sony camcorder we had was
spec..ed  at something like 18kHz BUT we found it was good to over

If you really wanted a serious challenge you could use "voice coil"
assemblies (warning "arm and a leg" expensive) as the X and Y
energizers and you could record the (stereo) PWM used by the
control loop to track the subject as absolute values. Fast and smooth.


Lance Allen
Technical Officer
Uni of Auckland
Psych Dept
New Zealand


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