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'[OT] Olin ( sorry Tony ) provides many educationa'
2009\06\05@115924 by AGSCalabrese

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Much of what Olin says technically is brilliant or near-brilliant.    
This makes it very hard to detect when Olin goes off-track  
technically.  Almost never happens.  Very educational.
Just as valuable however, is the lessons that can be learned by  
observing Olin's online behaviour and by being the brunt of his  
sometimes caustic remarks.  Olin reveals a lot about himself.  
Probably more than anyone else on the list.  I wonder what he is like  
in real life ?  Would he be a good man to have guarding your back or  
not ?  I can't tell.
Being in the crosshairs of Olin's regard forces me to ask the question  
-->   Do I care what he thinks of me ?  If I do care ;  why do I  
care ?  Olin has helped me re-examine my reactions to what people say  
and think about me.  Not the easiest thing to deal with but very useful.
Sometimes Olin is the one who points to the elephant in the corner....  
the one everyone else pretends not to see.


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