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'[OT] 1.0 uF Decoupling Cap - A Must?'
2009\04\16@095836 by Alan B. Pearce

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Change tag, for an aside ...

>Its the same as the (pick your favorite car maker) you should
>add oil to the crankcase.  Sure, you might get pretty far
>without it, but at some point it will come back to you,
>for not following the recomendations.


I remember my boss, when I was an apprentice, telling a story of working at
a gas station during his university days. I bunch of Asian students, on
their motor scooters, arrived to gas up. Each one got his couple of gallons
of gas, plus some 2 stroke oil, except for one who wanted to refuse the oil

Much discussion in foreign language later, he wanted 2 stroke oil ... My
boss wondered how long he had been running his 2 stroke motor on plain

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