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'[OT] Batteries'
1999\07\17@163856 by Sean H. Breheny

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Hi all,

Sorry for another OT question,but I think that it does have some
applicability here:

Can one charge a NiMH battery on a regular NiCd quick charger? The actual
reason I bring this up is that I need to get new batteries for my camcorder
(which was made in 1992 and uses NiCds) and when I do a search for its
battery part number, there are many third-party vendors selling NiMH
batteries as "compatible" with it. I'm sure they are compatible with the
camcorder,but with its accompanying quick charger? From what little I know
about rechargable batts, I would suspect that the charge curve would be
different enough that it might not sense the end of charge properly.

Thanks in advance,


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1999\07\18@082549 by Jay.R.Vijay-Indra

Yes you can. if your charger is pulsed quick charger, it is even better.



At 16:36 17/07/99 -0400, you wrote:
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