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'[OT] Battery or solar powered?'
2009\03\27@112918 by Chris Smolinski

>Olin Lathrop wrote:
>>  Minto Witteveen wrote:
>>>  That explains why my latest PIC project does not work as expected.
>>>  Microchip, being an American company, obviously designs the chip for 110
>>>  Volts, whereas we Europeans use 230 Volts..
>>  Actually they function as pyrotechnic transducers even better on 230V than
>>  110V.
>Does anyone know whether the -50 versions that are offered on the
>European market can run up to 50 Hz only, or are they just the same
>production as the US -60 versions?

I remember hazing a new engineer once, by telling him that for a job
shipping overseas, he needed to be sure and order the special 50 Hz
fan fold paper for the printer, since the regular (60 Hz) paper would
run through at the right speed.


Chris Smolinski
Black Cat Systems

2009\03\27@223125 by Russell McMahon

{Quote hidden}

I made the mistake once, when ordering a custom made transformer, of
mentioning in passing that it was intended for use in Taiwan. A 50 Hz design
to my written spec would have worked just fine on 50 Hz or 60 Hz but they
must have decided to save money by dimensioning the magnetics for 60 Hz. It
ran uncomfortably hot during testing on the NZ 50 Hz mains.

Not as hot as the Newmarket 230 VAC transistors though :-).


2009\03\28@140522 by Peter Restall


On Sat, 28 Mar 2009 15:24:10 +1300, Russell McMahon wrote:

>> [snip]
> Alas, I didn't see this but ...
> (I was told the story while employed by NZPO long ago - location
> unknown)(and it MAY be apocraphyl).
> NZPO Telephone technicians are working on live exchange bus bars.
> LARGE copper flat bars separated betwixt pos and neg by maybe 1 inch.
> Well supported mechanically.

Ah yes, the bus bars.  I used to work in a large city telephone exchange
where those things were running around all over the place (near the ceiling).
I was told of a poor decorator who was painting the ceiling and decided to
rest his pot of paint across a couple of bus bars.  Very messy apparently...


Pete Restall

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