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'[OT] Economy was Where have all the technicians (a'
2009\04\05@193657 by Michael Algernon

> On Apr 5, 2009, at 5:08 PM, Funny NYPD wrote:
> well, I have been following this topic since it starts.
> On the surface, we saw the US and world economy is sinking and  
> people losing jobs. At first, everybody says, "Oh, it is just a USA  
> problem", and now, "Oh, it is a world-wide problem due to the  
> economy-tie and bank-ties".

It is world-wide because economies are tied together and because  
"country leaders" are all pursuing the same "fix".
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        The US is still full of competitive business people.  The US  
is sinking because the government has spent much more than they  
receive in taxes.  The government also discriminates against  
successful businesses.   ( Think of Ford vs GM. )
>> From eduction quality to company management, the whole US society  
>> is slowly falling behind the creative/innovation leaders of the  
>> world. Maybe the MBA education system is the root-cause of this  
>> failure? Who knows.
        Pretty much every entrepreneur world-wide suffers the same  
handicaps that a entrepreneur in the US faces.  Productive people are  
leeched on, regulated, despised by many , and blamed for things that  
the leeches actually cause.
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Madoff , Enron , WC ,  are minor problems compared to the trillions of  
dollars, euros, etc. that have been pissed down ratholes by government  
leeches and their cronies.   And of course, the straitjacket they  
continue to tighten on productive people.
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    You can have hope even when the probability is near zero.  Short  
of a revolution like the one that occurred in 1776 ( and it would have  
to occur in some economically major countries ) , the best standard of  
living for the most people has already occurred.  We face centuries of  
decline as leeches and liars suck the guts out of human productivity.
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2009\04\05@195555 by Bob Blick

Interesting to see how long this took before it degenerated.

As you may recall, economic theory, government, "freedom" etc are things
we don't need to discuss on the Piclist for reasons that have been laid
out recently.

It's fine to talk about where the job market is heading, what skills are
useful, etc.

End thread.

Your secret government tax dollars at work :)



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