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'[OT] Guitar amps'
2009\05\12@121023 by Mark E. Skeels

I've got a solid state Line6 combo with a built in DSP (never took it
apart to check which one) and it has some good sounds, but I can tell
you it's sound quality pales IMO in comparison to almost any tube amp
I've heard.

I do have a 80's vintage Fender Princeton Stereo Chorus solid state that
has a really nice clean sound.

But it's pretty sterile sounding compared to tubes.

My Peavey Classic 30 had microphonic tube(s) and the problem was solved
by replacing them. It's my main amp.

I've got a mid 70's Ampeg V-22 that needs a complete set of tubes. It's
output tubes are four 7027As. That thing weighs as much as a dump truck
and it's unbelievably loud.


Mark Rages wrote:
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