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'[OT]My never ending quest for official waffle turn'
2009\06\25@062720 by cdb

This from the UK Telegraph.

"The ideal candidate must have cross-functional experience and play a
key role in ensuring the effective integration of national, regional
and local drivers."

"The new director of organisation development will face a number of
challenges, including making sure: That the diversity of Kirklees is
understood by all in the organisation; is valued as a strength but a
strength that challenges us to respond to its complex implications;
and is reflected in the career structures within the organisation."

An advert for some sort of senior position with Kirklees Council
paying a paltry GBP 119,000.

I'd add on an extra 1K just for having to decipher the advert.

cdb,  on 25/06/2009

2009\06\25@100233 by Michael Rigby-Jones


{Quote hidden}

Nearly 100 words in two paragraphs that, whilst syntaticaly correct,
convey no meaningful information.  You can tell this has something to do
with local government.



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