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'[PIC]: +AFs-PIC+AF0-:Simple temperature sensors'
2000\12\16@172928 by Peter L. Peres

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Why is no-one using the four diodes in series approach ? I have built
several temperature sensors like this (not production) and they work very
well. Four diodes give over -10mV/K so a divider can be used to make it
almost exactly -10mV/K if required. Am I missing something ? A PIC 8bit
ADC with 5V reference has about 20mV/bit but at 2.5Vref it's is about
right (or use 7-8 diodes in series). In my case the advantage is that I
can spread the sensors in the surface being monitored to get average
temperature. I used SOT32 double diodes for this. The current source is a
small JFET with G and S shorted, gives about 2mA through the diode string.
The PIC was 16C711 but I have done this with other A/Ds usually.


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