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'[PIC]: Promate II'
2001\10\04@074128 by Kevin Blain

<repost with pic tag>

I've been playing with my promate II programmer, and having some problems
doing ICSP.

I have an adaptor which converts my 15way High density D plug to the 6 way
modular, like on the in circuit debugger, and I can then connect the ICD
header board using a DIL to 6 way header to my target board, for either in
circuit debugging or promate programming.

However when I make a direct 15way High density D to 6 pin header lead, the
thing reports "Error during programming, Vdd won't rise"

Surely this cannot be due to the resistor or the diode or the capacitor on
the ICD header board?

Anybody got any ideas?

Regards, Kevin

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