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'[PIC]: Testing pic software'
2001\07\21@051628 by Dave Selvester

This may be a simple question to answer but i was wondering how other pic users go about the task of testing the software in the finalised product.It seems to me that an expert in software writing will have a higher degree of confidence in the code than a begineer.I know that simulators and emulators help this process but i was wondering about other issues like noise immunity(i know someone that straps the final design to the side of a bosch hammer drill and fires both up!!)
At what point are you ready to say product ready for market?
Are 100 prototypes built and tested in as would be test environments?

Id be intereted to hear from both begineers and seasoned developers on how they approach this


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2001\07\21@060931 by Kathy Quinlan

When I was working in the security industry developing access control
equipment we controlled the security for lifts, and also provided out puts
for building management. To test the equipment we did things like wrap 100m
of the comms cable around a running DC lift motor and turned large motor
contactors with the motors attached on and off.

After 6 months it was deemed to be reliable enough to let out in to the
field. as the noise we tested against was more than we would ever encounter.

All the micro projects I do now I try to simulate the environment the best I
can. But sometimes faults and the wrong set of operating conditions crop up
in the field, a fault occurs, and I try to fix it as well as possible, but
sometimes the faults are outside of our design scope, like a higher earth
potential difference than we were asked to design for :o(



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2001\07\23@055052 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>To test the equipment we did things like wrap 100m
>of the comms cable around a running DC lift motor and turned large motor
>contactors with the motors attached on and off.

I have seen similar things done to test for noise immunity, except the
device used was a small light box containing some fluorescent lamps. The
standard test was to plug this light box into the same mains outlet as the
equipment under test, and switch it on/off rapidly. If your equipment
faulted it did not have enough noise immunity.

As a footnote the light box had normal inductive ballasts, not the "no
ballast" design featured here for investigation recently. :)

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